Notes on business soft writing notes

practitioners on the Internet basically have varying degrees of understanding and understanding of soft text. Can make an exaggeration to make a conclusion: every day on the network, the most contact is a variety of soft text. To see the content associated with a certain article, conditioned reflection, think of the first concept is: it is the soft text. You can say that, as long as the Internet exists one day, the soft text will be like water flowing through the link between the web page and web pages. In particular, in today’s commercial society, which deliberately downplay ideological debate, economic factors and information occupy most of the brain space of modern Internet users. read more

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Talking about the local gateway for using phpwind in the total station

dry network this line has been more than three years, not to mention countless reading stations, the site has not seen how 5000?. A few days ago met an old colleague, after talking about the lofty ideals, suffer from N years working in the presence of alcohol without a single success, two people decided to get a local portal, I heard that now local portal good money.

my people have a good character is: kantie not return card (by the author I’ve seen don’t shoot me oh), see the soft don’t write soft, but the discovery of the local portal station using the phpwind forum to architecture, feel very easy to adapt to those of us who have lofty ideals, and suffer from no profound technology and resources the people. So I break the rules to share with you, of course, I hope you can provide some suggestions and suggestions to me. read more

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What are the reasons for the fact that there are no miracles in vertical social interaction

vertical social networking has been widely discussed, but ultimately there is no conclusive practical things, then the vertical social future where is it, we can from the following several aspects of the concept of vertical social and simple prediction of future market.

1, what is social stuff,


we used to say that social, are in fact that exchanges of social relations, you will find that there are channels (from where), the scene (why communication), relationship (how to maintain communication, in-depth exchanges), method (how communication)…… Wait。 read more

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Six years’ experience in Web Design on Web Design

has a lot of people, or people who are not familiar with the website construction business, always feel that web design is nothing important. Now there are so many beautiful and the atmosphere of the templates available, designers also do not have these free templates, or it does not necessarily have to provide customers with good standing, why we must use independent design, why not plagiarism? In my six years of web design experience to analyze.

first, first web designers who have some basic and practical experience, can design and set up the column and layout of the website according to the different categories of customers and the different needs of the website. The design of the entire web site is designed to demonstrate the best wishes and image of the company and the best publicity. It’s much better and more practical than just copying and borrowing ready-made templates. read more

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Xu Dagang talk about domain name buying and selling and SEO

Google became a domain name registrar a few years ago, but has not provided domain name registration services to users. Therefore, most SEO believe that Google has become a domain name registrar, in order to obtain more large-scale and more convenient domain name registration information, and help to improve the quality of search. This point, Google people have also explicitly admitted.

One of the biggest SEO problems associated with domain names is how effective is the link from the previous domain name when buying a domain name? Does the link weight remain read more

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Think of the website from your life

is neither hot nor cold summer, my mood should be with the good weather, but otherwise. From the Changsha back to Shaoyang, looking for a house that has become a top priority, in addition to a day sitting in front of the computer, people have to sleep. Is learned by looking for social housing. Shaoyang is a small city decent. Almost no housing intermediary information website. Also collect whatever. Housing deposit is 5 times of the rent, this is the first time to meet. And here is very common. Use Baidu Search Shaoyang housing information on all Shaoyang rental keywords. Information is very messy. More information is expired before a few pages of a lot of websites. Are some classified information network, and there is no information. Lasted 5 days to find a more satisfactory housing. To continue my life on the Internet. And these 5 days. There has been an impulse to do a Shaoyang information portal Household net. Not for profit, only for the convenience of birth. So was born. The site has just been established, please edit mercy. Also welcome like-minded friends of common development in Shaoyang. read more

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Discuz NT and SiteServer CMS integrate the installation of graphics tutorials

provides a webmaster who needs to integrate SS with DZ, which has been successfully integrated within 50 local tests. I’m a newbie, I like to think about myself, but I haven’t studied the language, I haven’t studied the database, and I can integrate it successfully. So there are technical problems, don’t be afraid, will eventually solve.

runtime environment: winxp+SQL2000

local virtual directory:

forum installation directory: bbs

generates the database name through the enterprise manager: BBS, password 123, username: SA, and password 123. read more

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Don’t know these points So your website is just a name

through the pre build website, the website can on-line operation, we need to constantly update and optimize the maintenance station during the period from the website included in the ranking is a long process, of course, black hat techniques brush station except in the website operation period you need to pay attention to many problems, a little don’t pay attention to the site will be at high risk, the light be plucked directly by K drop right, the person will stop, so I summed up a few points we need to pay attention to share, we want to help. read more

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Be aware of the pitfalls of website analysis and monitoring Part


recently busy fool around, so in a hurry to write some things is not easy, you do not want long, everyone looked easy. There was a time in the United States, not patriotic, but quite love the country, especially be strangers to each other to meet people smile on you say hello how are you, with a warm feeling in a foreign country. Well, I was somewhat reluctant to leave.

today temporarily and then the last report on the topic to talk about, but the beginning of a new topic, talk about the implementation of monitoring site analysis, because recently also in the study in this field, brought back some memories, think of those who have made their implementation just starting site analysis of the errors, it is time to sort out. Originally prepared an article on it, the results of a written, found that it is not so simple, so they have to open the next part. read more

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Eight standards of O2O platform for art education

two years ago, everyone on the O2O are also talking about the concept, and now O2O has been subdivided into all walks of life, different industries and different standards, art education O2O platform also has its own laws, not grasp these criteria, the product is likely to deviate from the direction you want.

1. is the parent

who decides what the child will study

art education O2O platform, although for children to find art courses created, but the majority of users are parents. The younger the child, the parents of the child to learn what kind of art interference ratio is greater, to know the parents are not happy kids on the Internet bubble, the ratio of child learning initiative is not high, so the primary school is likely to be single handedly, to let parents feel good. read more

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How to actively find the site’s directional traffic

directional flow, for the majority of webmaster, is no longer a new term. Baidu’s competitive ranking, in fact, the sale of directional flow. In particular, Taobao customers or some meaningful products or services, directional traffic is a very valuable traffic resources, can bring us a lot of money.

current new station do directional flow method, generally through the SEO optimization to provide the product or service keywords do search engine, get a good ranking. This method is successful, the effect is very obvious, every day to update the original article and add the chain to keep ranking. If it is to do Taobao guest, keyword election is good, ranking is good, the website put there will bring us income, this is what we often say passive income. Basically don’t do anything to get the income, of course, the premise is that you can product or service corresponding keywords to achieve a good ranking. read more

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How can the profit of local website seek its profit point correctly

in the major network giant separatist melee today, as an individual webmaster, now the opportunity should be in the local site a little more, we established a community in Luanchuan county. Luanchuan is in October 09 years on line, as of today has been more than 1 years. But as with most local websites, it still faces a low income situation. Due to the short duration of the building, it is also facing a county seat, coupled with the first attempt to do the content first, without taking into account the idea of profit. In the 1 years since the establishment of the station, there is hardly any income. Until later, taking into account the "only see income, to be more convinced of their choice", only consider the profitability. Since the implementation of these 3 months, has achieved a return to this, but also a slight surplus. read more

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Jewelry store how to choose a reasonable location

a good lot of jewelry stores have a great impact on the location of this issue is not a trivial matter, we must pay attention to. How to choose the location of jewelry store? Followed by the small series to introduce the mystery.

1, a convenient area, or near several major stations. Can be set up in the street within 20 minutes of walking. Many people on the side of the shop as well.

2, close to the place where people gather. Such as nearby theaters and cinemas, parks and other places of entertainment, or near large factories, organs, on the one hand can attract access pedestrian after, on the other hand is easy to make customers remember this shop location, guests to people, will be easier to guide people to patronize. read more

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n the classified information network hair outside the chain to do rankings experience

, I believe that every webmaster in doing SEO work, every day is very hard, almost every day in site, keyword ranking, and put the chain for weight. Then, in the optimization of a website process, the chain of Chinese and foreign payment is not less than a program. Many novice webmaster can according to different product web site outside the chain is different, the author is a novice, but in the six months, the author studied some external classified information in the network chain technique, also summarizes some, I hope you and I discuss the novice webmaster. read more

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Getting rich is a process How can you make five hundred every day

wealth is an eternal topic that accompanies the history of mankind. And getting rich remains a dream stage for many people, and one important reason is that they want a shortcut to get rich overnight.

often heard some people say, now do what do not make money, and the blank point of the market has long been occupied by other people, where there is still a chance to wait for us?. As for some of the people who have been successful, they scoff at the fact that if I had been in his position, I could have done a good job. read more

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How to do a good job in Chongqing hot pot noodle shop positioning

do specialty food business, Chongqing snacks swept the country, but also to see more and more investors to the Chongqing hot pot noodle market prospects. For practitioners, want to make their own Chongqing hot pot vermicelli shop can successfully occupy a place in the market, first of all do a good job shop positioning. How to do a good job in Chongqing hot pot noodle shop location, the following aspects have to consider:

first, the positioning of all processes as the boss must personally grasp. This is every catering business people should know, everything is beginning his grasp of the position, like a big project, the boss must unswervingly to learn and supervise the implementation team, otherwise it is easy to encounter the situation, Baoqiang Wang, the product does not throw, long absence will cause influence to accompany marriage. The same is true of entrepreneurship, so do a good understanding of Chongqing hot pot rice noodle shop positioning and master the direction of development is particularly important. read more

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Local websites show your culture sword

local website how to break through the fierce competition in the same geographical sites, and achieve breakthroughs in the site, is the local webmaster most concerned about the topic. In the construction and promotion of local websites, the overall planning and development of regional culture is a very important factor, which is easily overlooked by the stationmaster.

I think regional culture is just a sword of local websites". The local website is different from the general website, its target audience has the particularity, therefore also pays more attention to the audience experience. In this regard, the webmaster can refer to my other article, "local portals, audience groups, classification and promotion strategy". The regional concentration of target audience determines that local websites can not cast a net "capture" users, and the local website development strategy must be kept accurate. Regional culture can make the website "sword" refers to the local audience, more likely to attract local people’s attention; the relative scarcity of the target audience and the local website should not blindly pursue the portal that large and comprehensive attitude, local website content layout should reflect the focus of. Regional culture can be quickly cut, "sword" to highlight the characteristics of web content by cutting out the superfluous. read more

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Local website Entrepreneurship 5 puzzles of traditional media man

, a friend of traditional media, who wants to invest in a pen and goes into business and chooses the direction of a local web site, comes to ask how a local website works. That had been the traditional media to digital is a puzzle, everything seems good things finally made difficult, very interesting. To sum up, the friends of traditional media want to start business through the Internet. Before you ask me how to do it, you must ask yourself the following questions:

1. Can you deal with the system problem, read more

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Details determine the success or failure of the site

if you have time to read it, you may wish to look at the "detail decides success or failure" this book, although the book does not refer to us these small network rookie or webmaster, but in the book a lot of knowledge or experience of the author as a marketing staff to share that we can learn from. But here I want to declare that, without the benefit of any book or contact me with the author of the book, this is not soft for someone or something to flatter, but the website construction and development and the creation of the brand or website details plays a very important role. read more

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Hard pressed community business because mobile internet life is better

I horse: January 2012, "entrepreneurs" magazine has used "the social" big bang for the cover, depicting the mobile social application in unfamiliar street, WeChat led by the outbreak of the second half of 2014, is likely to sprint unfamiliar street market, market value should be more than $2 billion. So, always hard to force community business, will because the mobile Internet community and LBS combination, more easily commercial realization, life better? The answer is not sure. read more

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