We should change the way of thinking to the website optimization

several times before, love Shanghai update, love Shanghai for personal sites and business sites of the crackdown is very large, there are many grassroots webmaster friends have been very serious blow. After the site is K off, snapshot love Shanghai was not included in the site, also becomes zero, if placed in a webmaster, certainly can not stand this situation encountered. But today the stars love to tell you is the story of your website, so don’t panic, we should every day as usual to update the article, but not too much, every day update one or two articles, but also to ensure that the two articles must be original article, as long as persist, I believe it won’t be long before your site file. I also have a few sites had a similar situation, remember there is a website I keep updating for more than 80 days, and every day uninterrupted original, finally pays off again to love Shanghai included. read more

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Where is the official launch of the 360 decryption chain exchange platform

talked about the construction of the chain site optimization, we should understand that since the official launch of Baidu Scindapsus algorithm until version 2 upgrade Scindapsus algorithm for website operation optimization of Shanghai Longfeng personnel and the personal webmaster is a big pain, in order to actively responded with Baidu official this rule has some the website platform made the previous researches about the link exists transaction sections directly off, as shown for the owners of the house "webmaster trading" column closed in February 21, 2013. read more

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Analysis of the choice of keywords to have what kind of standard

Select the location of

: the first and the relevant web content. There is a certain correlation between the site keywords must be chosen and the content of the website, so target keywords to the site to bring flow is effective flow, effective flow rate will be high on the website. Do not rule out no related words and the site can bring traffic to the site, but the traffic efficiency is low, the conversion rate is lower. For some large portals, possible target keywords can be diverse, the main content of website after all many, not all target keywords include web content. But for small sites, especially electricity supplier website, target keywords must be related to the product, so the conversion rate will be high. read more

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After the line on the website optimization at the beginning we what to do basic settings

In the


do not understand many new Adsense website on-line, why the relevant page settings, many webmaster know to do this but he will not operate, today the author mainly the basic work of the site at the beginning of the line we have done detailed introduction for your reference, we good gossip short continued, into today’s topic. At the beginning of our website optimization to do what the basis set.

third, 301 permanent redirect website. We know that the new online site with the WWW domain name and domain name with WWW, but the two domain name for the user to open the page to see what no difference, but falling in love with the sea will be considered the two domain names, the weights will be dispersed, so as Shanghai Longfeng Er we have to do for the corresponding URL permanent redirect that way is to address jump without WWW to take the WWW domain name, to prevent weight dispersion. read more

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Make necessary website three elements ideas content and execution

this four point is the site of a general idea, in fact, every point can also be broken down a lot of content, such as the first point of how to profit: we rely on advertising or service to others? Do service, whether we have the professional skills? No professional skills and how to solve? Are engaged in website ideas, must be clear, there is no clear idea is easy to let us lose our direction.




personally think that the site the first thing to consider is the site of the profits, who engage in website is not to make money? And we these individual grassroots webmaster, not what the basic economic source, most is a day for food and clothing, evening for development, the use of spare time to do the site; a few months no income could persist, six months later perhaps the only state soy sauce: if you have time to engage in the site, no time to say it, a good mood to update the content, when not in the mood and nature, more than a year did not yield a website, basically indifferent state. read more

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nfluence of hanging noble included in advertising for love Shanghai baby

in view of the above phenomenon, I estimate that there are two possible phenomenon.

in recent years, with the popularity of the Internet, more and more people do webmaster, many people are still reading the university to start a website, this time online discussion is more popular, Taobao opened a shop or a professional website, has produced many millionaires events. Everyone wants to earn points on the Internet, but how to make money, is really a lot of problems. Plainly, now the net earned is different from a few years ago, just do some garbage sites, hanging advertising can make money. Love Shanghai in our webmaster, you can hate is also cute, you love to Shanghai how much information included in the website as a barometer of their feelings of love, so Shanghai included in the site are affecting these we do every act and every move, do the webmaster heart. read more

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The medical website ranking on improving and how to deal with some difficult

1, fierce competition in the healthcare industry

is because the common network promotion effect is relatively slow, so the medical website promotion became popular. Usually this kind of website do the promotion of the core keywords in Shanghai love home before 3, sometimes even more competitive keywords, there will be 10 ranking, which leads to traffic has a great influence on the natural ranking. Although these rankings are marked ‘link’ or ‘promotion’, but I’m afraid the general people do not know what it means, even no attention, so this kind of ranking to seize a lot of traffic, especially the transformation of high flow. read more

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The site down the right reasons and investigation method summary

server is very important

1. site was plucking, search engine update, included in the site will reduce a lot, it is website by plucking, which is also the site optimization excessive phenomenon.

in the network promotion, server stability is the most important, is the webmaster is big, no matter what want to say when it comes to the server, if the server does not meet the webmaster safe, website search engine punishment, there will be what kind of

three, the network promotion website


two, the network promotion read more

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The solutions included new sites

so we do is to do the content of the website, the more important is the quality must be good website content. In order to get the search engine and users of

The traffic system structure as

new fast included the ranking of the content is king

here, always can see many webmaster friends for such trivial things upset, can always see such a topic: why my website for three months is not included? A friend actually search engine is in our lives, you do not contact him, he will not take the initiative to contact your. Then the quality degree of your relationship is with your efforts and decide, when you have to maintain your relationship, why search engine will be included on your site read more

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Trademark registration station website topic page optimization techniques

made the special website templateThe

refers to a special website made around a keyword topic reported in the website, a page recommended reading. In general the special website is different from the article page, the special website is an aggregation of content. Have the relevant content, and according to the relevant content rich recommended reading, so Web pages generally authoritative and professional is very high, in the search engine is easy to get good rankings. Fabrication and Optimization on the special website: read more

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Webmaster Platform announced the search query tool keywords upgraded version of open beta

;For example: for example

hits: a keyword, the number of users click to enter your site;


page links links to your site users click to enter the selection in the keyword user clicks the TOP3 link.

search keyword query tool beta version of the line will get a strong focus on the owners, the upgraded version of the search query keyword tool on the basis of the provided data query functions and keywords customization more powerful query functions, for the owners to better operate website, provide a powerful data support. read more

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The importance of attitude to Shanghai Dragon ndustry

Hello, I am the future. Today I am on my way to work, a path to the subway, see three, about 7 8 year olds in the subway station to sell newspapers. The first children shout "selling newspapers, selling newspapers……" ; second children shy, dare to sell his newspaper to passers-by his path; third children play in the mobile phone side of the lazy. I stood aside to observe a few minutes, to see the result is: the first children shout attracted a lot of attention, a lot of people voluntarily walked up, he bought a newspaper; second a shy little friend only to sell his path passers-by the paper in his hand, due to the relatively few people, so to sell newspapers is relatively small; the last kid has been playing for a newspaper, so he did not sell. Through this small thing, first I admire these three kids of courage, and I appreciate the first and second little friends about this attitude, although they sell the newspaper did not have much money, but through their active on this matter seriously attitude makes me think of the importance of attitude the Shanghai dragon industry. read more

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To solve the root site drop right after the recovery is fundamental


site is down right or be K to believe that the webmaster is lost, recovery is also the methods and Strategies of different, but I think the site down right after should find root cause site down the right, then a change, although Shanghai will love and convulsions, but most of the time or because of their own webmaster the operation and causing the site to drop right or be K, from an article written by "website one month" right down to "three times" on the site right down to guess the reason made a more detailed analysis, and then through the last conjecture by rectification, finally restored to the original site today. read more

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The long tail tips of rankings guide Station

four, multiple long tail keywords URL link

believes that many webmaster friends all know, is just too lazy to do such a document. Make record of long tail keywords not only for their work efficiency is greatly improved, and an important role for the distribution of keywords, but also for the keyword set weight.

usually webmaster friends is that a good website will appear a good long tail keywords, so is on the front page and the target keywords inside big effort. However, today the author to share a do stand experience, is mainly to do the long tail keywords and inside pages of the rankings, thus to raise the total weight and target keywords ranking. Instead of going to the main home to weight, from out of the pages of the weight value of decentralization. We have enclosed the author do Webmaster Tools: read more

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Webmaster how to improve their core competitiveness of Shanghai dragon four Shanghai dragon innovati

first, we must clearly recognize, do Shanghai dragon to do innovation is a very difficult thing. First, we need to be aware of the so-called innovation means change, innovation, and new meteorological is telling take on an altogether new aspect, a "change", while the Shanghai dragon only so much knowledge, to get rid of no certain Shanghai Dragon Technology and experience support is impossible; second, Shanghai Longfeng innovation means pay, because of inertia, generally no external force is not possible to change, this force is the innovator of pay, the more you effort you can change more, Shanghai dragon is a calm lake in the lake, you dig the channel is wide enough, more water can be drawn from the third, Shanghai dragon; innovation means the risk, never say work a harvest, and you have to do innovation in the Shanghai dragon, you may pay the harvest of a failed return, there is Can your innovation will be punished by search engines. read more

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To investigate the survival of grass root webmaster love Shanghai under the new deal

we can clearly feel, before a lot of Shanghai dragon strategy has now out of date, this is the love of the Shanghai times, at the same time, the majority of the owners of the grass root, is a challenge, but also an opportunity, an opportunity for innovation in Shanghai dragon technology.

I think, love Shanghai update in the long run, the benign development of Shanghai dragon industry is good, let Shanghai really return to the real dragon! What is the Shanghai dragon? I think, Shanghai dragon should never be merely use some skills to complete the success for the healthy development of any industry opportunistic way are harmful. read more

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Other search engines are no reason to replace shlf1314shlf1314 Adsense improved the invalid click al

      the last few days of the report seems to be through the invalid click the new filtering algorithm, the real data show out, click rate dropped below 1%, ECPM is low, but the total revenue decreased too much.

      once it was, hundreds of clicks or even thousands of dollars a day, but only a few dollars in earnings. If it’s calculated at 1 cents per click, it should be around $ten. Why? It must have been caused by invalid clicks. But looking at 3 clicks often to earn a penny, I feel shlf1314 Adsense unit price is too low?. And once click rate is close to 3, I really fear shlf1314 Adsense to K account. Well, a friend of shlf1314 Adsense told me that natural high click rate is okay. But I wonder why my site has such a high click through rate. read more

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sh419 sh419 alliance theme promotion commission policy adjustmentA APP development of Entrepreneurs

what does "Cross- 10" mean? Make 10 or more interactive transactions. These are specific things, it depends on what specific companies do to decide. For example, Cross-10 is selling gummy bears, 10 different employees to 10 different customers successfully selling candy; if it is to build the business guidance platform, then the Cross-10 is up to 10 different teachers to 10 different students successful marketing course. That is to say, the seller of the business and the buyer and the 10 of the 10 have interactive or transaction relations. For most companies, the Cross-10 relationship is not hard to find, while others have to tap into the Cross. But no matter what kind of participants, we must ensure that the other side of the company has made time or economic investment. read more

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Tiger sniffing 2016 net loss of 3 million 340 thousand yuan issued an incentive plan optionsThree i

, the "one thing" is a trial sharing platform based on intelligent hardware, and has stopped updating in mid 2016. "Anger horse" and "book entry law" are all related to knowledge payment.

tiger sniffing pointed out in the annual report, in 2016 the reason for the loss of the company raised R & D investment and employee salaries, resulting in operating costs, sales costs, management fees increased.

. The advertising effect that period: 30 days

ID check ads officially launched, read more

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Water station experience Wangzhuan four essential stagesT orange founder a year of entrepreneurial

the first stage, this is an apprenticeship stage. At this stage, you won’t get too many benefits, but this stage of your future more Wangzhuan foundation. At this stage you can find a station, in which to work, of course, if you are on the site of knowledge in this area do not understand, I can only go to start inside, for example in the forum, blog to do outside the chain, update the content of the website, this seems to work it is simple, but the effect of the site can not be ignored. Because I have done very hard in this company, so my supervisor has taught a lot in the construction of websites and the optimization of websites, and these technologies still play a role for me now. read more

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