The Ali Mama K station meiliangxin quanqianGraphic T2C Taiji advertising Union Jun Jun wonderful s

I’m very sorry, after a review of existing data anomalies of your website, can not get down, now mom staff will study for two months on your website, if your website data is normal, will receive. Thanks again for your support to Ali’s mother,


I admit that cheating does not rule out the owners of an evil member of the herd, but Ali mother really stood on the point of view of what our webmaster to us, click on the so-called abnormal data what is to say, before the income is our legitimate income, Ali mother and what do these money do not freeze, and finally is the mom in the pockets of his.shlf1314 when freezing of all advertising revenue will be returned to the advertiser, unless the sh419 alliance is a serious cheating, general letter after payment of legitimate income. Ali Mama, stationmaster income neither to advertisers, but also not to the main site. The so-called ", this is " freezing; a typical way eat the defendant and the plaintiff.K station after the owners of the income on the return of their own, this is the source of power station K, would rather kill the wrong One thousand, also won’t let go one, as long as you have 1% cheating possible, then 100%k you. Is not random K station, below I will give strong evidence,. read more

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On site outside the chain January soared ten thousand by sea with murderous experience

the lonely prince, today to analysis, hope to be able to bring a little inspiration to everyone:

today to write the article, one is to express my anger, two I expounded the construction site in the confusion, three warning site optimization chain into the novice do not mistake. Well, as a professional website optimization personnel, the lonely Prince knows "content is king, the chain for the emperor" the truth, so when undertake the task, the author also work on the content and the chain. Nonsense not say, I will analysis the chain number of client sites from more than 1 thousand a month ago, now increased to more than 10 thousand, was unfortunately K out of the antecedents and consequences. Customer site ranked first needless to say, seeing traffic increases, a bright future in front. They have to face the tragic love sea K out of reality, let me very sad. read more

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What love Shanghai auction phoenix nest phoenix nest to tell you the future

said we want to know who you are? Where are you from? Where are you going? We just know the nest where you come from, I would say what is the phoenix nest, phoenix nest system is definitely not a single only to rise, after about early 2012 with me remember, love Shanghai launched a keyword oriented people oriented multi system, our system is embedded in the love in Shanghai before the auction, the effect is not previously Wangmeng system accepted by the user, after the network has been greatly improved, so how do I think television directed? At the beginning of this year that what has been reported in V the main cookie, grab the customer well, at this time many people wake up, why is everyone. read more

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How to do a lot of optimization of enterprise website keywords

we all know that the customer is God, and the customer hope Shanghai dragon ER in the fastest time let your keywords in the rankings to the home page, the Shanghai dragon Er, the pressure is very large, especially for multiple keywords optimization when encountered more problems, and the energy is relatively Co., how to do a lot of keywords ranking in the limited energy under the


third: good web content

analysis of key words

for enterprise website, the most key is the name of some products or a large class of products, if only the general put all the keywords as the target keywords to implement Shanghai dragon that is certainly not, it will be very difficult and time-consuming, so do the site keywords analysis, determine the main target keywords, mainly promotion for the main target keywords, when increasing the weight of the website, other keywords ranking will rise correspondingly. read more

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Wang Baochen the experience of three point experience love Shanghai drop down box


believe that some friends for the above that seen in a minority, many Internet companies are now offering this service, although love Shanghai brush drop-down box has violated the agreement of search engine user experience, but because of its particularity, can not the original hot competition degree is very small vocabulary, words related to additional in front of or behind. Not that far away, we search the XXX industry network company, website construction, or XXX Shanghai dragon you will often find that when you enter your site or region + Shanghai dragon corresponding brush out love Shanghai drop-down box results came out. Especially the search for specific vocabulary of users, these users. read more

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How to optimize the site title

3> mixed positioning, both want to do and want to do this brand keywords the enterprise according to the focus, focused on what the corresponding keywords in relatively more important position.

The current site >

4, the title of the website

The particularity of

2, title words control

The author thinks that

Site Title Optimization object

often just contact Shanghai dragon friends in the site before the site title, not with the relevant data to conduct in-depth analysis later led to change the title, to be search engine punishment, this is basically every Shanghai dragon er the only way which must be passed, here the website title said miraculous, how should we optimize the website title in read more

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mprove the user viscosity increase website traffic way

look at many sites are similar, are you copy my copy of your. Every day in the network users to browse web pages may be hundreds of thousands of web pages, how to attract users in such a page in the vision, we need the characteristic of the website to play superman’s charm, some cater to the needs of the user or a special service can be, the main is that we need to find their own the website features, then put their own outstanding characteristics, allowing users to open your site you can find your characteristics. read more

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Non link links Shanghai dragon Master webmaster should know the secret

(10) and some can be a tool tracking, user access, but did not appear on the other page URL.

I think every webmaster all know website optimization is divided into two parts, the station optimization and stood outside optimization. The station optimization mainly refers to the structural optimization of the site and page optimization; station optimization is refers to the construction of the external links.

page browsing by shuttle between is the main link, search engines like us, it is also visible by crawling links, external links and how important it is for a web site is included. So, what is the nature of the Internet? For a long time, the nature of the Internet and always open, free, equality and sharing together, along with the development and popularization of the Internet, this understanding has been biased. The Internet is the essence of information dictatorship. One of the characteristics of external links and the internet. Without the construction of the chain has no pages included, can not enter the library also talk about what the page ranking not included? Has a crucial impact on the total quantity and quality of the external links can drive included for a name. We all know the importance of the chain, which is non link form hidden links to read more

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Keywords intense competition is how to analyze

. The bidding here is generally divided into two, one is the number one is bidding, bidding price. Obviously, the auction results more, the higher the price, the greater the degree of competition. The corresponding tool can be provided by different search engines to query.

The number of

, the first love index in Shanghai. This is needless to say, most of the owners, Chinese Shanghai dragon Er are familiar with this, although the accuracy is love Shanghai index of suspicion, but this does not prevent it from becoming the keywords competition level evaluation standard. Beijing Shanghai dragon feel (for the love of Shanghai), the general did not appear in the index, less competition, usually appear, will have a certain competitiveness. 100 the following day, as long as an original 2 months basically can do love Shanghai home (portal not tried, recently prepared under test); 100 to 300 you need to increase the intensity of the original, what the chain also need to work hard; 300 ~ 1000 words, if placed in a the scope of the City in the county, the county is also a word of the fire. read more

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Love Shanghai Google two different business owners how to deal with

we don’t have to worry so much, love Shanghai, Google update is decided to deal, if so, do your work at hand as we like to do good.

different degree of desire for money, love Shanghai more hunger, can also be called "use unscrupulous divisive tactics, artificial interference;


first look at the two paragraph Documentary:

as the two are very large scale enterprises – Google, love Shanghai, let’s take a look at their main similarities and differences:

of different regions. Love Shanghai market mainly in Chinese, Google in overseas markets; read more

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Shanghai dragon ER note 18 judge link to the website material minus and plus

8. inbound links: ginger is a good old age. Get a lot of new link suggestions in a short period of time to buy. + 2

2. into the origin of inbound links: in addition to the anchor text, another is an important link to your website link is reputable website. General site Google PR are considered reputable. With the tools of illegal and cheating website is not recognized. + 3

anchor: anchor (11. named named internal link target location) internal navigation is useful, but also useful for search engine optimization, because you also stressed that a specific page, paragraph or text is very important. In the code, named anchor looks like this: A href = < " > material # commune "read material commune / > < and" # material commune "is named anchor. + 1 read more

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Shanghai dragon website positioning should fine is not big and complete


website is a good website must first consider, should first consider their own website to provide what content to the user, the second is how to use the web to profit, the site is now greatly small, of every hue are full of every corner of the Internet, have vitality, is on the verge of death or destruction, from the website the view of development, do stand should be according to their own situation to consider, in advance to consider more thoughtful, perhaps the site will be able to go farther. read more

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Crack love Shanghai related search mystery share love Shanghai drop down box success method

then, to see how search engines determine the relevant search, for example, many consumers are generally through the core keywords to search for weight loss products, but also has many consumers to search the list of products reducing weight, so that love Shanghai records, will think of slimming products and slimming products list of Related words, thus and the long tail keywords can be achieved as long as a certain amount, and can form the core keywords correlation! So in love Shanghai search results at the bottom of the page will appear in these related words! read more

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The case analysis the reason where the site included the amount can not go up

? picture

website website ranking will influence, I think the effect of ranking results, path layout but is probably the most direct impact on the website affect the website website ranking, website included total it is often very difficult to upgrade, and this site in the pre made several adjustments, including including the layout of the site and the site of the program, which can be thought of the influence of the website is very big, these will definitely need a long time to restore the credibility of the heart in the search engine, thus increasing the net > read more

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Analysis of the individual 7 24 love Shanghai ranking algorithm

A, love Shanghai more inclined to enterprise station only a few keywords, such as the home page titlw "main keyword + keywords set" written statement may no longer be preferred.

, the car parking lock monitoring industry as an example, the average flow the several sites in more than 80, it experienced several adjustments, the author found that several sites flow greatly reduced. At the same time, the author observed the parking lock’s competitors, found that the flow is greatly reduced, the weight of query love Shanghai traffic sources words with webmaster tools, before a few pages now only 1-2. For this phenomenon, the author believes that there may be as follows. read more

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Shanghai Longfeng Foundation website optimization URL path to

How to do web site optimization URL The website URL path to modify the

URL path optimization on the website, originally is not going to be through to write articles to share to everyone, because this is the basis of comparison of knowledge, but most of my friends make the diagnoses of the site, there are such problems, it is not difficult to see a lot of friends in the Shanghai Dragon on the basis of a problem especially in the early stage of the line on the website, do website URL path optimization is the priority among priorities, related to the ranking of the post site following a path optimization in detail to find out why do website URL. read more

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The 16 is to use free chain construction tools

3:Yahoo Site Explorer – this is probably the most well-known domestic chain analysis tools. The function must not be above two, but can quickly get the number of the chain website, and the first 1000 chain link, but also can display the chain page title, it is with the above two tool lists only URL different

5:Alexa chain detection tool – this is less, when you see the website Alexa data, can see how many domain names linked to the station, but will give a detailed list. The update speed is very slow, but the quality is very high. Alexa is mainly used to view the site’s ranking data read more

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Shanghai dragon how to optimize the website pictures

optimization techniques and methods in the chain can improve the weights of the website deploymentOn the construction of the chain

a good website, in addition to the text is attractive enough, is not the way to show the picture. The illustrations can give users a better experience. In the past year, we love Shanghai from the search engine search is not difficult to find a result is picture display. This also means that the adoption of love Shanghai pictures will also usher in a hot stage.

try not to need to copy someone else’s pictures, although the love of Shanghai at present pictures of the specific content and so on can not tell, but I want a picture of the volume and length width can be grabbed to. I don’t know the plot, not copying someone else website pictures I can’t figure out, then how should we deal with it? If you know a little bit of PS software, we can add a watermark to what, in quality to modify its pseudo original picture. Then we can use the QQ screenshot, and then save the original pull is very great change. read more

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The establishment of basic or to the user experience as the center of Shanghai Dragon

website user experience set

any new web page should have its own characteristics, such as enterprise station should be to display products as the center, mainly broke the news station and innovation as the center, the video is needless to say also broke the news, or 5 of the fine steel deformation index is not so high.

(Figure: home owners user experience)

Shanghai dragon is actually based on the user experience to do it as the foundation, but not all, because the three main steps of Shanghai dragon ranking first is the user experience, the second chain, third of the weight of the domain name, so the user experience is a way of Shanghai Longfeng three indispensable aid. Here I have to mention that we usually go to write original articles and this is a very good chain, and the quality is very high, usually to contribute a piece of news will attract huge traffic, specifically to see what the theme. read more

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Teach you how to do website optimization model text

is the template text page, directory page, page, multiple pages are some content, we say the template text is mainly divided into two types (text and link anchor text links and links)

page template text is too high in proportion, so that a search engine will think these pages are repeated page, if there is a large number of such pages, "

if we are to increase keyword density or other factors deliberately to increase the sample text, if such a page, the search engine will think our content decreased the proportion may be judged as cheating punishment on read more

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