Breaking: Outbreak of ‘superbug’ closes parts of Letterkenny hospital

first_imgAn outbreak of the so-called superbug CPE (Carbapenemase Producing Enterobacterales) has closed parts of Letterkenny University Hospital.A spokesman for the hospital confirmed to Donegal Daily that a number of patients had been diagnosed with the antibiotic-resistant bug.As a result visitor restrictions have been put in place in parts of the hospital. A full deep-clean of infected areas as well as patient placements have also been introduced.Members of the public are also being asked to only attend the Emergency Department in the case of real emergencies and they should contact their GP or GP Out-of-Hours service in the first instance.A spokesman for the hospital said “The visitor restrictions, while regrettable for patients and their families, have been deemed necessary in the interests of patient care.“The infection prevention and control measures in place include appropriate patient placement, deep cleaning, environmental remedial works and enhanced CPE surveillance.” The spokesman added that the situation is being monitored closely and the visiting restrictions will be lifted as soon as possible, based on local assessment.The spokesman added “A number of beds are closed to admissions in Medical Ward 5 as part of ongoing control measures and this has contributed to longer waits for some patients who need to be admitted.”Hand hygiene is extremely important to prevent spread of CPE. The most important thing patients and visitors can do it clean their hands regularly, especially after using the toilet and before eating and drinking.Patients who have been in contact with CPE are nursed with extra precautions, such as gloves and aprons, to prevent spread to others. They will also use a specific toilet or commode.Enterobacteriaceae are bacteria that live harmlessly in the gut of humans and for most patients who carry CPE it never causes any illness. This is called colonisation or carriage. If these bacteria get into the wrong place, such as the bloodstream or bladder, they can cause infections. Carbapenemases are enzymes or chemicals produced by these CPE bacteria which enable them to destroy carbapenem antibiotics, one of the most powerful types of antibiotic.It is often difficult to say exactly where a patient has picked up CPE, but there is definitely increased chance of picking up these bacteria if you have been in a hospital either in Ireland or abroad, or if you have been in contact with a carrier elsewhere.Breaking: Outbreak of ‘superbug’ closes parts of Letterkenny hospital was last modified: May 23rd, 2019 by StephenShare this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window)Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window)Tags:hospitalletterkennysuperbuglast_img read more

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South Africa’s new plug standard explained

first_img22 August 2016South Africa’s current triangular electrical plug/socket standard is set to be replaced over the next 10 to 50 years with a more effective and safer hexagonal plug, according to the South African Bureau of Standards (SABS).SouthAfrica’s new proposed ZA Plug socket standard explained. (Infographic: MyBroadband— CDAnderson (@bizarrojerri) August 18,2016Called the SANS 164–2 or ZA Plug, the new standard looks similar to the commonly used two-point Europlug standard, used on most cell phone chargers and small appliances. The ZA Plug incorporates an additional third ‘earth’ pin in the design. The new design’s socket will be able to accommodate the two-point Europlug.While the adoption of the ZA Plug is relatively new, the standard is more than a decade old, having been developed as a global plug and socket standard by the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) since 1986. However, South Africa and Brazil are currently the only countries intent on adopting this new standard.The new design has been adopted by the SABS as “preferred configuration for new installations” since 2013. As more commercial manufacturers begin to embrace the new design into their products, an awareness campaign to highlight the conversion to ZA Plug has now been intensified.In 2014, following the first details of the new standard, South African consumers expressed concern that replacing existing power supply points and appliances plugs would happen immediately and would be costly.However, according to a statement released by SABS recently, the roll-out of the new standard would be gradual and South Africans would be free to still use the old standard, stating that the implementation of a new standard could take “[up to] 50 years”.The statement also reiterated that the ZA Plug will be safer and more cost- effective as it continues towards full integration.The Electrical Contractors’ Association of South Africa (ECASA) say the conversion may eventually lead to the demise of multi-format plug adaptors and therefore make appliances more stable and safer. The organisation has stated that amendments to its Wiring Code will include that “all socket outlets (will) incorporate at least one socket complying to the dimensions of SANS 164–2, effective from March 2018”.Four reasons why the ZA Plug is better than the standard plug system, according to My Broadband website.Compatibility. Cell phone chargers and devices using Europlugs will be able to fit the ZA Plug socket, more directly to the power source, without the need for an adaptor.Expansive. Current triangular three-prong wall sockets can only securely accommodate two plug outlets. The smaller ZA Plug format can safely have up to four outlets per wall mounted socket, doing away with the need for multi-plug adaptor strips.Safer. The ZA Plug socket uses smaller holes, so no fingers or small objects can be inserted.Smaller. The ZA Plug is smaller and less bulky than the standard triangular three-prong plug, taking up less space and weight in transporting appliances.Source: My BroadbandWould you like to use this article in your publication or on your website?See: Using materiallast_img read more

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12Seconds Launches New iPhone App: Video Voicemail for Twitter and Facebook

first_img12seconds just launched 12mail, the company’s newest iPhone app. 12mail is basically a video messaging app with a focus on person-to-person video messaging for Facebook and Twitter. The free app uses Apple’s push notification system to alert users of incoming messages, which, true to the company’s name, can’t be longer than 12 seconds. Just like 12cast, 12seconds’s other iPhone app, this new app doesn’t require users to have a 12seconds account and will simply work with a user’s Twitter and Facebook contact list. While 12seconds’s earlier app was simply focused on sending videos to Twitter, 12mail now gives users the ability to send videos directly to their friends.The app works on all iPhones, including 1st generation phones, though it can obviously not send video messages from any other device but the 3GS. Users with 1st generation iPhones and the iPhone 3G can send a picture and record an audio message on top of that. It’s also important to note that while 12mail supports both Twitter and Facebook, it does treat the two networks differently. On Twitter, 12mail will send direct messages to all the recipients. On Facebook, these messages will appear on a user’s wall. Receivers who don’t use the app can use a webcam and reply from’s web service. While testing the app over the last few days, it pretty much worked as advertised. Messages arrived right in the app and as Twitter DMs and then played back smoothly in the iPhone’s built-in video player. If you want to start to record a video, just flip the phone to the left and it will bring up the recorder (you can also just press a button, of course). One feature that makes the app especially easy to use is the easy to use contacts manager that allows you to set up a group of ‘favorites’ – something that comes in very handy when you follow a few hundred Twitter users.Video Voicemail Over Twitter & FacebookThere are, of course, already lots of other mobile and web-based services that can post videos to Twitter, but very few of them focus on actual person-to-person communication. With push notifications and the use of Twitter DMs, 12mail feels more like an email app than just another way to send videos to Twitter or Facebook. Role of Mobile App Analytics In-App Engagement Tags:#mobile#news#Video Services#web frederic lardinois The Rise and Rise of Mobile Payment Technologycenter_img Why IoT Apps are Eating Device Interfaces Related Posts What it Takes to Build a Highly Secure FinTech …last_img read more

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Death Before Dishonor: Secure Email Services Shut Down Rather Than Comply With Feds

first_imgAfter secure email provider Lavabit—famously used by NSA leaker Edward Snowden—shut its services down in an attempt to avoid what its CEO Ladar Levison called “crimes against the American people,” Silent Circle said it would terminate its own email service, Silent Mail.Unlike Lavabit, which suggested it had received a court order to turn over information about its users, Silent Circle hadn’t received a warrant or other notice from the government. Instead, in a statement to TechCrunch, Silent Circle CEO Michael Janke said he anticipated the government would come after them given the nature of the clientele who use Silent Mail. Silent Circle offers other, more inherently secure services, but it saw email as the weak link that would give the government leverage in handing information over.Here’s the statement Janke gave TechCrunch:There are some very high profile people on Silent Circle—and I mean very targeted people—as well as heads of state, human rights groups, reporters, special operations units from many countries. We wanted to be proactive because we knew [the US government] would come after us due to the sheer amount of people who use us- let alone the “highly targeted high profile people.” They are completely secure and clean on Silent Phone, Silent Text and Silent Eyes, but email is broken because govt can force us to turn over what we have. So to protect everyone and to drive them to use the other three peer-to-peer products—we made the decision to do this before men [in] suits show up. Now—they are completely shut down—nothing they can get from us or try and force from us—we literally have nothing anywhere.The Guardian, one of the publications to first reveal Snowden’s claims about widespread government surveillance, points out that other secure email services may soon come under similar pressure.In related news, the Obama administration is meeting with representatives from technology companies to allay their concerns about government surveillance programs, Politico reports.  A Web Developer’s New Best Friend is the AI Wai… Tags:#Edward Snowden#email#Government#Ladar Levison#Lavabit#Michael Janke#nsa#Prism#Silent Circle#Silent Mail Why Tech Companies Need Simpler Terms of Servic… Related Posts center_img 8 Best WordPress Hosting Solutions on the Market say sahmedsaymediacom Top Reasons to Go With Managed WordPress Hostinglast_img read more

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Asian Games: China ready to dazzle again

first_imgFor those who have still not got over the way New Delhi wowed the world at the Commonwealth Games opening ceremony, Friday is going to be a big surprise when Guangzhou showcases its culture, spirit and technical wizardry at the Asian Games opening ceremony.At 8:45 pm sharp local time (6:15 pm IST), on both sides of the Pearl River, the opening ceremony will begin and there is talk that this will be something even more pulsating than what Beijing had to show to the world at the Olympics in 2008.’Ever Onward’ has been the Asian Games slogan. In a literal sense, China will prove this on Friday as, for the first time, the opening ceremony will not be held inside a stadium but outdoors.Experts who have had a sneak preview of the show say that “nothing like this has ever happened before” as close to 14,000 athletes are expected to be paraded on the riverfront in boats.As if this is not enough, talk veers around to who will light the Games cauldron. As has been the case at the Olympics and Asian Games, lighting the cauldron is a big event. And who will do it is being debated. Apparently, six temporary stages have been erected on both banks of the river for the opening show. The grand show will also demonstrate the south China culture.Chen Weiya, chief director of the opening ceremony told the media that this opening ceremony will “break away from the confines of stadiums and use the city itself as background. You will see athletes parade into the ceremony on boats”.advertisementHuge LED screens will also be in place for people to see how China is ready to wow the world. Just to jog the readers’ memory, children have played a key role in opening ceremonies. At the 2000 Sydney Olympics, Nikki Webster had created a wave and in 2008 in Beijing, Lin Miaoke was the talking point.There is speculation that this time, too, the opening ceremony will feature talented children. In New Delhi, when traditional martial art forms were shown, people liked it. Wushu, a Chinese martial art, could be something big on Friday.That apart, explosive lighting, high-decibel fireworks and laser shows could turn out to be the talking point of the Asian Games.As far as the sporting events that begin a day later are concerned, China is set to retain the tag of the best country in Asia with a rich medal haul. As a nation which takes great pride in sporting excellence, the way China has emerged as a superpower is well known.What is even more surprising is they are keen to do well even in a sport like cricket, which they have taken to recently. Against such a backdrop, where Japan and Korea will also fight for overall supremacy, it will be interesting to see how India fares.After the highs of the Commonwealth Games (CWG), where India finished second in the medals tally behind Australia, it would be improper to think India will come up with a similar medal tally. At the last Asian Games in Doha, India finished with a tally of 53 medals (10 gold, 17 silver and 26 bronze).This time around, even though India did well in the CWG, expecting the athletes to again peak in such a short time span would be asking too much. Perhaps, in sports where only skill counts, one can hope the athletes will maintain focus. However, to expect India to shoot down the same number of medals in shooting, or expect Saina Nehwal to be a sure shot for gold in badminton, is unrealistic.The focus will be on men’s hockey in a big way, though making predictions will be foolhardy. If the CWG showing came as a surprise, one again expects that in cue sports, kabaddi, chess and golf, India can do well. But certainly not in tennis, where the depth is suspect.last_img read more

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Firefox Preview is ready for pilottesting on Android phones

first_img Android web browsers Mozilla gives Firefox Focus a browser brain transplant on Android Privacy-protecting Tor Browser arrives on Android Google to ask Android users to choose preferred browser Vivaldi mobile browser due in 2019 — but no ad blocking 0 Mozilla said Thursday that it’s been working on a new strategy for Android for several months now, and that Firefox Preview is the result of combining the privacy and security of Mozilla Focus — a browser designed for quick leave-no-trace glances at websites — with the amenities of a full mobile browser. No tracking, faster web Mozilla isn’t the only one to discover the performance benefits of tracker blocking. The Brave browser, from the Brave Software founded by former Mozilla Chief Executive Brendan Eich, boasts similar speed boosts from blocking both trackers and ads.On Wednesday, it announced a new ad-blocking engine that speeds up that element of its browser by a factor of 69. Brave also is working on using machine learning to strip out website ads. Its technology, called AdGraph, is designed to resist advertisers’ efforts to sidestep the internet address lists commonly used to spot ads.Under the covers, Firefox Preview uses Mozilla’s GeckoView engine for processing and rendering websites. The hope is to provide a performance boost similar to what Mozilla got with its Quantum-branded Firefox browser for PCs. That could mean compatibility problems for web developers who today are accustomed to only testing with the mobile browsing engines used in Apple’s Safari and Google’s Chrome, but GeckoView’s independence also can improve web standards and keep the web from becoming controlled by those two tech giants.”Building Firefox for Android on GeckoView also results in greater flexibility in terms of the types of privacy and security features we can offer our mobile users,” Mozilla said. “With GeckoView we have the ability to develop faster, more secure and more user friendly browsers.”Apple prohibitions means no Firefox Preview for iPhoneOn iPads and iPhones, Apple prohibits the use of any browser engines other than its own WebKit. That means Firefox Preview can’t be released for Apple mobile devices.”Nevertheless, we are doing everything we can to work around these limits to bring the winning features from Preview to Firefox for iOS,” Zare said.firefoxpreview Mozilla Early adopters can provide feedback on Firefox Preview via Github or by emailing you don’t like the Firefox Preview name, good news: it’s a placeholder. “Once matured, Firefox Preview will be rebranded with a permanent title,” Zare said.Originally published June 27, 9 a.m. PT.Update, 10:01 a.m.: Adds details about Firefox Preview performance and competitor Brave. Mobile Mobile Apps Phones Firefox Mozilla Now playing: Watch this: 1:11 Mozilla to offer premium services, Waze gets Assistant… Tags 34 Photos Share your voice Post a comment A new and improved Firefox browser is coming to Android phones. Mozilla Mozilla has launched a pilot test of its new web browser for Android phones, called Firefox Preview. The new browser is faster and more privacy-focused, and is available now for early adopters to test ahead of a “feature rich, polished version” coming in the fall, the nonprofit organization said.Firefox Preview is twice as fast as Firefox for Android, has a minimalist design and blocks tracking by default, Mozilla said in a blog post Thursday. It also has a Collections feature to help save, organize and share sites in collections like travel plans and shopping lists.Mozilla’s push for better online privacy has grown louder in recent months, most recently with the change to switch on tracking protection by default in Firefox. But despite years of trying, Mozilla’s influence on mobile devices is limited. Google’s Chrome and Apple’s Safari, the defaults installed on most mobile phones, dominate mobile browsing.Read more: Is Sony’s robot dog Aibo a privacy nightmare?Why is it so much faster? Because it blocks all computing overhead imposed by tracking technology many advertisers and websites use to follow you around the web for actions like building a profile to target ads.”Speed improvements are driven in large part by the comprehensive tracking protection that is on by default in Firefox Preview,” said Vesta Zare, senior product manager at Firefox Mobile. It’s also faster because Mozilla optimized its internal methods for juggling multiple computing tasks and its integration with Android devices.Mozilla based its measurements on page load times for Microsoft’s Bing search engine. That’s a pretty good stand-in for a broader list of more than 20 websites Mozilla tests with, but be warned that the speedups will vary from one website to another. Android 10 beta’s best new tricks from Google I/O 2019last_img read more

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Operating quantum memory at room temperature

first_img Explore further Citation: Operating quantum memory at room temperature (2008, August 25) retrieved 18 August 2019 from Quantum dots, along with quantum wires, have been attracting notice over the past decade as possible building blocks of quantum information processing. Indium arsenide quantum dots (InAs) can be used for memory operations in devices made from gallium arsenide and aluminum gallium arsenide (known as GaAs/AlGaAs devices). The problem is that at room temperature – the experiments are usually done at lower temperatures, the memory operation of these devices suffers, unless there are multiple quantum dot layers. Digitally programmable perovskite nanowire-block copolymer compositescenter_img That is changing now, thanks work done by a team of scientists at Würzburg University in Germany. “Memory operated at room temperature, and with only a single layer quantum dot layer, is important because it can be used in every day life,” Lukas Worschech, a member of the team at Würzburg tells The work done by the team, which includes Müller, Heinrich, Höfling and Forchel, appears in Applied Physics Letters: “Room temperature memory operation of a single InAs quantum dot layer in a GaAs/AlGaAs heterostructure.”For quantum information processing, some sort of memory operation is necessary. One of the ways of realizing a memory device is to use quantum dots coupled to a transport channel. Memory (nonvolatile – such as flash memory) is realized when the charge state of the quantum dots control the system’s threshold. A floating gate is used to manage the threshold voltage. In GaAs/AlGaAs devices, the charge storage that is needed can be induced optically as well as electrically, which increases their usefulness and compatibility with different electronic and optoelectronic devices.“Until now, though,” Worschech explains, “low temperatures were needed with single layer quantum dot. Our idea was to create a system that could work under increased temperatures. Otherwise, you always have to put your samples in cryostats, and use long wirings. This makes it harder to extract all the information you want.” The Würzburg team suggests that with the InAs quantum dot functioning as a floating gate, the memory could be operated at room temperature. “From this structure, field emission is reduced drastically and we are able to observe the memory effect at room temperature.”One of the more interesting things about this set-up is that the InAs quantum dot is actually self-assembling. “The trick here is that the material does not match directly to the gallium arsenide. You do not have to structure them.” However, it can be difficult to control where these InAs quantum dots end up. “They are randomly distributed,” Worschech says, “you cannot say in a lateral field where they are placed.”Other scientists, though, have been working on this issue. “Through etching – making small holes at pre-defined sites – it turns out that indium arsenide growth can be controlled laterally,” Worschech points out. “Others have been working on this, and we would like to see our method combined with this lateral positioning that is being studied.”“This field of quantum dots is being intensely studied right now,” Worschech continues, “for use in quantum computers and sensors. Quantum cryptography is another field that would benefit from this work. It is also interesting for optical electronics. Our work may sever as an inter-connect for different applications.” Copyright 2007 All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed in whole or part without the express written permission of This document is subject to copyright. Apart from any fair dealing for the purpose of private study or research, no part may be reproduced without the written permission. The content is provided for information purposes only.last_img read more

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