Manchester United And UNICEF Champion Rights Of Young People In China

first_imgManchester United and UNICEF have joined forces during the club’s pre-season tour to champion the rights of underprivileged young people through a series of cultural activities.United legends Bryan Robson and Ji-sung Park, plus players Michael Carrick and Paddy McNair, also took part in a Q&A session, which was broadcast live on Chinese social media platform, Sina Weibo.Taking time out from the club’s pre-season tour of China, Robson, Park and the first-teamers spent time with six boys and girls from rural Gansu and Henan provinces, and encouraged them to talk about what matters in their lives.The young people are benefiting from a life skills education programme supported by Unicef in collaboration with the China Association for Science and Technology (CAST).During the one hour interaction, the United players took part in the traditional Chinese game of shuttlecock kicking, before the teenagers shared stories of their experiences with the programme, for example overcoming problems at school and in their personal lives. The players gave advice on how to cope with setbacks and pressure, as well as how to be a good team player and lead a healthy lifestyle.“The players and I were honoured to be here today and to be a part of this incredible partnership. I’ve witnessed first-hand the great work that Unicef does to protect vulnerable children, and am proud that the club is so supportive,” said former United and England captain Bryan Robson. “Adolescence is a crucial stage of life. It’s great to hear these young people share their stories and to give them advice on how they can cope with some of the challenges they might face.”The players hope that their influence across the huge Manchester United fan base in China will help champion the rights of marginalised adolescents, and encourage young people to be the drivers of change.Adolescence is often a challenging time for young people; an exciting but often uncertain transition from dependency to independence, sometimes leading to confusion, pressure and even depression.“Adolescence is a valuable period of childhood in its own right, but it is also a critical period of transition and opportunity for improving life chances,” said Rana Flowers, Unicef Representative to China. “By providing positive and supportive opportunities that enrich the developmental environment during adolescence, it is possible to overcome some of the consequences of early childhood harm and build resilience to mitigate future harm. With their passion, resilience and commitment, players from Manchester United can be positive role models for young people, inspiring them to strive for success.”The programme opened another door in my life,” said Zhang Bin, a 16-year-old boy from Gansu who migrated to work in the provincial capital after dropping out of school. “I took part in the training programme two years ago and it gave me the first-ever chance to live in a city, learn computer skills, access the Internet and visit a museum.”The United for Unicef partnership is now in its 17th year and has raised over £4m, helping Unicef to change the lives of millions of vulnerable children worldwide. It is the longest running partnership of its kind between a sporting organisation and a global children’s organisation.last_img read more

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Video Moroccos DGSN Celebrates Policewomen on Womens Day

Rabat – The General Directorate of National Security (DGSN) celebrated Moroccan police officers and their “major role in serving the national security and safety of citizens.”Morocco’s DGSN, headed by Abdellatif Hammouchi, organized celebrations and handed out gifts to honor police women today for their dedication to fighting crime and protecting citizens.DGSN also posted a video online of students at the Royal Institute of Police and policewomen who spoke briefly, in Arabic, French, Tamazight (Berber), and English, about why they chose their field. The 45-second video featured medical examiners, officers, and professors with DGSN.“With a passion for law enforcement I’m able to do what I love everyday,” said Majda Lakhder.“As a doctor with Ph.D. in biology, I chose to become a professor in the field of forensic science,” said Houki Kaoutar.“I chose this job because I love it and love horse riding!” said Samia El Khayati, a mounted police officer.A motorbike cop, Nora Koussi said that her job allows her to “prove the role of female motorbike cops.”تحتفي #المديرية_العامة_للأمن_الوطني بالنساء الشرطيات، وتعتز بكفاءاتهن المهنية العالية، وتمتن لدورهن الكبير في خدمة قضايا أمن الوطن والمواطنين.— DGSN MAROC (@DGSN_MAROC) March 8, 2019On March 8, the world celebrated the achievements of women’s gains through hard work.With the participation of women officers, DGSN brought 1,636,824 people to justice in three years—from May 15, 2015 to May 14, 2018, according to Hammouchi’s statement at DGSN’s 62nd anniversary last year.Read Also: Two Protests Take Place in Rabat on International Women’s DayThe three year period witnessed the dismantling of 1,388 criminal networks and the arrest of 2,486 suspects of robberies, prevention of 15,883 irregular immigration attempts, and the arrest of 783 human smugglers operating in 109 criminal networks active in undocumented immigration by boat, car or false identity documents. read more

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How Tennis Officials Are Trying to Make the Game Fair

Tennis pros, and dedicated amateurs, can control just about everything about their rackets. Rackets are measured for weight, stiffness, balance and head size and strung for peak force, deflection and tension loss. Yet the court players run and hit on will always behave unpredictably. Even at most pro tournaments, players don’t know precisely how “fast” or “slow” a given court is playing, an expression of how much speed and height the ball retains after it bounces. Court speed is a fixture of questions at press conferences during the first few days of Grand Slam tournaments such as the French Open, now unfolding in Paris.“It wasn’t bouncing as much as it had actually the last days on the outside courts,” Milos Raonic after winning his match on Sunday.One reason court speed is such a mystery is that it’s been so cumbersome to measure. The International Tennis Federation has helped develop and test machines that do the job, but the best ones are expensive, bulky and difficult to operate. (The equipment is so hard to transport that many court-surface manufacturers ship samples of their product, in half-meter (1.64-foot) squares of paint and sand, to the ITF’s testing laboratory in London.) For the most prominent ITF-organized events — the Davis Cup and Fed Cup — federation employees must fly with their testing devices, or ship them to sites weeks in advance, to keep hosts from giving players too big a home-court advantage.Now, the ITF is trying to find an easier way to ensure courts are fair. On a recent Thursday at a London tennis court,1I’m not disclosing the tennis court’s location at the ITF’s request, to protect client confidentiality. Jamie Capel-Davies, manager of ITF’s science and technical department, was testing a new device that the federation has helped develop. It’s known as SPRite,2Said like the soft drink; the SPR is short for Surface Pace Rating. The official name for the device measures is court-pace rating, though, as Capel-Davies noted, “‘CPRite’ didn’t have the same ring to it.” and this test was of model number 007.The device doesn’t take a vodka martini. Instead, a ball cannon powered by a bicycle pump propels a ball off the court and through the testing chamber. Seconds later, a display shows the court-speed measurement. The measurement device and ball cannon each weigh about 14 pounds and together cost $12,000, compared to the 110-pound, $45,000 behemoth that sets the standard now. The new devices can be carried by hand, and their dimensions fall within most airlines’ carry-on baggage limits. The motivation for the test, Capel-Davies said, was “democratizing court-pace rating.”3In tennis, democracy is relative: At this price the average hacker won’t be carrying the SPRite and cannon to her local public court.The ITF knows it’s traded some precision for lightness and mobility. The question is, how much? Is SPRite accurate enough to replace its forebears? Capel-Davies and his colleagues were testing it alongside the Sestée, which is the current benchmark. Court-speed rating typically runs between 20 and 70 — and must run between 24 and 50 for Davis Cup matches (a higher number means a faster court).4The court-pace rating, or CPR, is calculated based on the coefficient of restitution (COR), which is the ratio of a ball’s vertical velocity after bounce to its pre-bounce vertical velocity; the coefficient of friction (COF), which is the ratio of horizontal velocity lost after the bounce to pre-bounce vertical velocity multiplied by the sum of 1 and COR; and a temperature-adjusted COR, which is the sum of the COR and 0.003 multiplied by 23 minus the mean ball temperature, in Celsius. The formula is: CPR = 100(1-COF)+150(0.81-adjusted COR). The ITF calls courts with CPR of 29 and under slow, courts with CPR between 35 and 39 medium and courts with CPR of 45 and up fast. The ITF wants SPRite to run within two points of Sestée for the same court.Court speed matters in tennis. During a typical match, the ball will bounce off the court hundreds of times. If the ball typically retains much of its speed, it will be harder to play. That encourages more aggressive play — players will charge the net more often to avoid skidding balls and tricky bounces. A slower court lets players camp out behind the baseline and chase down most shots.Court-pace rating takes into account more than speed, though. The ITF tested the court speed perceptions of U.K. players who were good enough to play for their counties5It’s also tried surveying pros, and gotten similar results, but the response rate was poor. and found that the height of ball bounce mattered, too. The lower the bounce, the faster the court seemed. That’s why high-bouncing clay courts like the French Open’s seem slower than hard courts with the same coefficient of restitution, or ratio of the ball’s speed after impact to its speed before the bounce.6One theory for clay’s higher bounce: The ball pushes granules ahead of it as it collides with the surface, creating an incline to bounce off, a “ramp effect” that leads to a higher bounce. And grass courts, with their lower bounce, seem faster to players than similar hard courts. The ITF formula attempts to account for all this.Once a match is underway, players can’t do anything about the court speed. They play the bounces they get. But players can tailor their training and schedules around which courts best suit their games. For instance, clay makes Rafael Nadal’s heavily topspun forehand shots bounce even higher than on other surfaces. He has taken advantage of this throughout his career by playing more clay tournaments than some of his rivals.For the ITF team competitions, court speed is a crucial part of home-court advantage: Host countries get to choose the surface, which is why Andy Murray had to play on his least favorite surface — clay — in Great Britain’s two away Davis Cup ties this year. (Murray and his teammates won in the U.S. but lost in Italy.)With the currently approved devices, the ITF can’t test the courts at every Davis Cup site, especially on busy weekends when dozens of ties are happening around the world. Instead it audits, choosing to test just a few courts. And at tournaments it doesn’t oversee, including the French Open, there’s simply no official court-pace measurement. (Officials at the U.S. Open and Wimbledon said they test their courts for speed, but the results are confidential.)That makes it tough to assess whether court speeds have changed — one of the goals of Capel-Davies’s department. Tennis players and writers often say — or lament — that pro tournaments are using a narrower range of court speeds than they used to, so there’s less variation among them. Indirect indicators, such as rates of aces or service breaks adjusted for tournament fields, don’t corroborate that impression. The ITF hasn’t tested long enough or often enough to settle the debate. “We don’t have that kind of data,” Capel-Davies said. “I don’t know if anyone does.” The International Tennis Federation uses a bulky steel crate, top left, to ship heavy measuring devices to tournament sites. The outsized Sestée, top right, is difficult to transport, so manufacturers often send samples of their courts, bottom right, to the ITF. The latest-generation device is the SPRite, operated here by Jamie Capel-Davies, manager of ITF’s science and technical department. Its accuracy is still being studied. Carl Bialik Watching Capel-Davies test SPRite in London, it was easy to see the advantages of the new device. He easily carried it onto and around the court, to different testing spots. He also let me try, and within a few minutes I got each test down to under a minute: Take a ball out of a coat that’s lying next to the unit, put the coat back in place, put the ball into the cannon, give the bicycle pump a few cranks, prime the measurement unit, put my foot7We’d taken off our shoes to avoid scuffing the court. on it for stability and press the button to fire.Yes, a coat. Needing something to stop the balls after they had fired from the cannon, bounced off the court and gone through the SPRite, Capel-Davies offered up his jacket to science, taking care to first remove his phone. After each test, the ball nestled in the coat. As we conducted our experiment, Capel-Davies’s colleagues were testing the Sestée on another part of the court. At one point, a Sestée-measured ball got loose and whistled past us.Each court test covered a few different spots, always including ones near the baseline, the service line and the net. The speed can vary from one part of the court to the next. It’s often highest near the baseline because players’ shoes wear down the surface and make it slicker. This court was relatively new, though, so we weren’t expecting as much variation.The measurement process has other quirks. Fail to press the button firmly, and the cannon might not fire fast enough for a reliable measurement. This happened a couple of times to us, so we omitted those readings. Capel-Davies decided when to do that, and it wasn’t a double-blind procedure. He checked with the other group and knew what readings they’d gotten, and was following along as our parallel tests produced results. Still, the quest for an accurate reading seemed genuine. The ITF already had achieved its initial goal of agreement within five points between the devices, which is what a typical player can detect. Then it set its sights on even better agreement, of within two points.Capel-Davies and his team have their own testing lab at ITF headquarters in the southwest London neighborhood of Roehampton, in a converted squash court with the original wood floor now scuffed by equipment. Tennis scientists test balls in a wind tunnel and rackets in a serving machine, nicknamed Goran after 2001 Wimbledon champion Goran Ivanišević, in homage to his rocket serves. The apparatus gripping the racket occasionally slips, and there are marks to prove it on the side of the machine. “We have had casualties” — of rackets, not people, Capel-Davies said.The ITF is surrounded by tennis courts. The Bank of England Sports Centre, which hosts next month’s Wimbledon qualifying tournament, is on one side. On the other is the National Tennis Centre. Many ITF employees play tennis during their lunch breaks. But they don’t have their own dedicated full-sized court for testing. So when they get a gig testing a court, like this one, they often take the opportunity to test SPRite.If SPRite passes the test, the ITF, as its seller, will benefit through increased sales, though that’s not the primary motivation, Capel-Davies said. “We’ve had interest, but everyone is waiting” to see what the results are “before putting their hands in their wallets,” he said.Mainly, the organization would like to enable more facilities, including tennis clubs, to test court speed. Having a device on site would allow clubs to measure the effect of temperature and also to track changes in the courts, to know when it’s time to resurface. A manufacturer’s rating, based on a test of a half-meter-long square patch, isn’t good enough because it doesn’t take into account what’s under the surface, how it was attached and how the court has weathered and worn.At tournaments, organizers could test how the speed of a court changes as players play on it — for instance, at grass-court tournaments, as players’ shoes and shots turn the turf near the baseline into dirt. And they could compare speed across different courts; players often say some courts at the same venue play faster than others, something that affects them if they play consecutive matches on different courts.These possibilities haven’t yet arrived. Our test found the SPRite and the Sestée agreed to within 2.7 points — good but not within the desired range of 2.0 points.8The ITF is aiming for agreement at 95 percent confidence of within 2.0 points. The average absolute value of the difference between readings by each device was 1 point for our test. One location, near the service line, was the source of the troubles: The two devices agreed to within 3.2 points, whereas everywhere else was within the limit.“It suggests something odd happened at that location,” Capel-Davies said. “Hopefully, additional testing will determine whether it was an anomaly.” He hopes that the SPRite model we tested, which was first produced last fall, will meet the target by the end of this year.Even if players at every level knew the speed of the courts they were playing on, they’d still have to deal with unpredictable bounces. Court speed can depend on how long the ball your opponent just served was sitting in his pocket: The warmer the ball, the slower the court appears to be. And standard measurements don’t apply when the ball collides with a hill or valley, common on clay courts.Still, broadening access to the court-speed numbers would help further the mission of Capel-Davies’s department, which is, as he articulated it, “to balance technology and tradition in tennis,” and to “make sure the player won because of ability” — and not faulty equipment or a finicky court.CORRECTION (June 2, 4:00 p.m.): An earlier version of this article said the average agreement of the SPRite and the Sestée in a recent test was 2.7 points in court-pace rating, or CPR, and that the two devices’ average agreement was 3.2 points in one location. Those figures were the agreement between the two devices at 95 percent confidence. The average of the absolute value of the differences between the two devices’ measurements was 1 point of CPR. read more

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Geometallurgy partnership to provide leading expertise

first_imgJKTech, the technology transfer company for the Sustainable Minerals Institute at the University of Queensland, has formed a strategic alliance with Quantitative Group, a leading resource consulting firm, to provide integrated geometallurgical solutions including data assessment, geometallurgical testing programs, and spatial modelling, risk assessment and valuation.QG is a leading mineral resource consulting group with expertise in geometallurgical modelling scenario-based project evaluation. It has a worldwide client base of major mining companies and has developed a reputation for sound technical skills combined with excellent communication of business implications of technical issues. QG is a team of 15 highly experienced consultants headed up by directors John Vann, Scott Jackson and Scott Dunham.JKTech has a multidisciplinary approach to geometallurgy, GeoMet®. This includes acquiring relevant parameters to spatially model the behaviour and variability of material types to extraction processes within a deposit.Both QG and JK Tech regard the objectives of geometallurgy as broad: manage risk, improve forecasts and maximise project and/or operational value. This applies at both the project and operation levels from advanced exploration, feasibility studies to operation execution. Both groups are research partners in the Cooperative Research Centre for Optimal Ore Extraction (CRC-ORE).The relationship between QG and JKTech will mean that the two organisations will provide expertise across all aspects of geometallurgy from small scale testing, spatial modelling, to optimisation including professional development. QG/JKTech will be offering integrated consulting services to the mining sector worldwide.In addition, both QG and JKTech are established leaders in minerals industry professional development and training. They are developing a full program of joint training programs in geometallurgy. The first of these will be two day senior technical leaders programs delivered in March 2011, in Santiago, Chile and Toronto, Canada. Further programs will be delivered in Australia, South Africa and Brazil during 2011.last_img read more

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180 millions deuros pour les maladies rares

first_img180 millions d’euros pour les maladies raresCe lundi, la ministre de l’Enseignement supérieur et de la Recherche Valérie Pécresse, ainsi que Nora Berra, secrétaire d’Etat à la Santé devraient annoncer conjointement le nouveau plan gouvernemental de lutte contre les maladies rares qui sera doté de 180 millions d’euros.Les maladies rares sont ces affections qui ne touchent que peu de personnes à la fois, jamais plus de 3.000. Souvent, du fait de leur faible impact, ces maladies ne connaissent pas de traitement au grand désarroi des victimes et de leur famille. De plus, les laboratoires pharmaceutiques ne s’y intéressent que très peu. Mais la lutte contre les maladies rares est un objectif gouvernemental.À lire aussiLe président brésilien récompensé pour sa lutte contre le SidaLe plan gouvernemental voulu par Valérie Pécresse et Nora Berra concernerait la période 2011/2014 et devrait être doté de 180 millions d’euros, notamment alloués à la recherche. Si dans l’entourage de la ministre de l’Enseignement supérieur et de la Recherche on explique que “la France a eu un rôle pionnier dans la recherche sur les maladies rares”, du côté de l’Association française des myopathie, la présidente Laurence Tinnot-Herment, explique au Parisien : “Cela va dans la bonne direction, mais ce n’est pas suffisant. Les besoins pour financer les maladies rares sont de 800 à 900 millions d’euros pour les six ans qui viennent (…) l’Etat doit financer davantage de structures de prise en charge des malades, notamment des établissements médico-éducatifs spécialisés, dont nous manquons cruellement”. L’annonce de ce plan gouvernemental se fait aujourd’hui à l’occasion de la 4e journée internationale des maladies rares. La secrétaire d’Etat à la Santé a expliqué au quotidien La Croix qu’il prévoyait “47 mesures” et serait “articulé autour de trois axes forts : améliorer la qualité de la prise en charge des patients, développer la recherche et amplifier les coopérations européennes et internationales (…)”.Le 28 février 2011 à 14:45 • Emmanuel Perrinlast_img read more

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Unhealthy air dense fog affecting Clark County

first_imgThe National Weather Service said Wednesday morning that drivers returning to work can expect stagnant air, dense fog and slick roads in some areas of Clark County.The dense fog is especially present along Interstate 5, according to a short-term forecast. Other county communities affected by the fog include Vancouver, Battle Ground, Ridgefield, Washougal, Yacolt, and Amboy.“Expect abrupt changes in visibilities over short distances. The fog combined with freezing temperatures may cause slick roadways on secondary or untreated roads,” the forecast says.An air stagnation advisory for the Portland metro area is set to expire at 4 p.m. today. The weather service issued the advisory on New Year’s Day, stating surface high pressure will reside over the region for the next couple of days. Air quality will gradually deteriorate through the afternoon due to light winds and little movement in the atmosphere, forecasters said. The weather service listed the same affected communities as those named in the forecast statement.last_img read more

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Man sentenced to 55 years in prison for fatal 2010 beating

first_imgA man charged in the beating death of another man in 2010 has been sentenced to 55 years in prison.The Alaska Dispatch News reports 27-year-old Carl Leedom was sentenced in Anchorage Superior Court Monday on a second-degree murder charge. Leedom had been the last of three defendants charged in the August 2010 death of 23-year-old Harvey Albright.Police said the trio attacked Albright because Leedom believed he had stolen his backpack, which was filled with money. Assistant district attorney Jason Gist said Leedom had delivered the fatal blow when he hit Albright in the head with a gun, crushing his skill.During Monday’s sentencing, the state presented a recording of Leedom admitting to the murder.When he was given the opportunity to speak, Leedom said he was sorry.last_img read more

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Alaska News Nightly Monday Apr 25 2016

first_imgStories are posted on the APRN news page. You can subscribe to APRN’s newsfeeds via email, podcast and RSS. Follow us on Facebook at and on Twitter @aprnDownload AudioAlaska Republican donors go to court over increasing campaign contribution limitsLiz Ruskin, APRN – AnchorageMoney is the lifeblood of a political campaign, and if a legal challenge to Alaska’s campaign contribution limits succeeds, there could be more of it. APRN’s Liz Ruskin attended the first day of a trial in U.S. District Court in Anchorage today.Senate president aims to finish session in JuneauAndrew Kitchenman, KTOO – JuneauThe Legislature didn’t take any actions Monday as it began the second week after the scheduled end of the session. But Senate President Kevin Meyer said he’d like to see the Legislature complete its work soon.Seward Highway crash leaves two dead near GirdwoodJosh Edge, APRN – AnchorageTwo people are dead after a crash over the weekend on the Seward Highway north of Girdwood. Alaska State Troopers responded to the collision just after 7 p.m. Saturday.Dillingham wins first overall and sportsmanship at state NYOHannah Colton, KDLG – DillinghamThe statewide Native Youth Olympics tournament wrapped up Saturday after three days of competition. Dillingham earned the rare distinction of winning both first place overall and the top sportsmanship award.Bristol Bay Native Corporation plans to acquire KatmailandDave Bendinger, KDLG – DillinghamThe Bristol Bay Native Corporation announced plans to acquire Katmailand, Inc., a long running sport fishing and bear viewing operation in and around Katmai National Park.Deadly bat disease spreading; residents asked to help survey the flying mammalsAngela Denning, KFSK – PetersburgA disease that’s killed millions of bats on the East Coast was recently found in Washington state. Experts fear it’s only a matter of time before it reaches Alaska. Very little is known about bats in the state. To help learn more about bats in Southeast region the Alaska Department of Fish and Game has started a program that asks the public to help survey the flying mammals.Calista campaigning to reduce quorum requirements before descendants enrollAnna Rose MacArthur, KYUK – BethelCalista Corporation is campaigning to reduce quorum requirements at itsannual shareholder meetings to prevent invalidating future meeting votesand wasting corporation money when quorum isn’t met.Wasilla pilot avoids injury after plane loses powerJosh Edge, APRN – AnchorageA pilot avoided injury in Wasilla over the weekend, after a mechanical mishap.The Ecology of Breast Cancer: Researching the risks for breast cancerLori Townsend, APRN – AnchorageGoing beyond known risk factors for breast cancer has led to research that looks at the ecology of risk. Dr Ted Schettler is the science director of the Science and Environmental Health Network. He is also the author of The Ecology of Breast Cancer: The promise of prevention and the hope for healing. Dr Schettler says considering all the conditions that cancer arises from, means not just individual risks such as genetics, but community, ecosystem and societal concerns.last_img read more

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No hearing for Senate health bill and says Murkowski no sighting either

first_imgSen. Lisa Murkowski speaks to reporters at the Capitol. File photo by Liz Ruskin/Alaska Public MediaSen. Lisa Murkowski says she’s not happy with the fast-track process the Senate Majority leader is using to bring a health care bill to the floor without any hearings.Listen nowMurkowski is a member of the HELP (Health, Education, Labor and Pensions) Committee, so she would have a chance to work on the bill, if it were going through the normal committee process. But Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has invoked what’s called “Rule 14.” That could send the bill directly to the Senate floor with little or no chance for amendments“Do I think that’s the best way to go? No, I’m a process person,” Murkowski said. She also said she hasn’t seen the bill yet and mostly hears details about it from reporters who surround her in the corridors.“Yeah, I got a problem with it,” she said, of the process. “If I’m not going to see a bill before we have a vote on it, that’s just not a good way to handle something that is as significant and important as health care.”McConnell couldn’t say when senators would see the bill or whether they were on track to pass it before the end of the month, as he wants“You know, I’m not going to answer that with specificity,” he told reporters Tuesday. “Our goal here is to move forward quickly. The status quo is unsustainable.”Alaska has by far the highest health care costs in the country. Under current law, Alaskans who buy insurance on the individual market can get bigger subsidies to offset the high cost. The health care bill the House passed would replace the subsidies with tax credits that vary only by age, not location. The bill House would also move a lot of Medicaid costs to the states.It’s not clear how closely the Senate bill drafters will stick to the House version.Murkowski says she’s had plenty of opportunities to discuss Alaska’s specific needs with the senators who are working on the bill behind closed doors.“So whether I’m invited into every meeting or not, when I’ve got something to say, I say it,” she asserted.But has she heard whether her concerns will be addressed in the legislation?“I don’t know because I have no idea if we even have a bill!” she said.Murkowski and other Republican senators had lunch at the White House to discuss health care. She was seated right next to the president. Video footage shows she wasn’t sitting squarely in her chair when the president was talking. Social media erupted with speculation that she was trying to distance herself.Murkowski and Ernst are about as far away from Trump as they can without moving to the next chair.— Glenn Thrush (@GlennThrush) June 13, 2017Murkowski says she was just turned in her seat to see the president better.“I’m an active listener, and I like to look at people when they’re talking.”last_img read more

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Women stage protest seeking justice for Unnao rape victim in

first_imgVisakhapatnam: Activists of various women organisations held a protest seeking justice for the Unnao rape survivor, near GVMC office here on Wednesday.Holding banners and candles, they raised slogans condemning the alleged attempts to browbeat the rape survivor, a minor, by the accused BJP MLA Kuldeep Singh Sengar and his associates and relatives. Also Read – Three of a family commits suicide at Amalapuram in East Godavari Advertise With Us Citing the recent incident of a truck ramming into the car in which the survivor was travelling and how the accident killed two of her relatives and critically injured her and her lawyer was not an accident but an attack intended to kill the survivor, they alleged. The protesters demanded that the Unnao case be shifted out of Uttar Pradesh and wanted the Supreme Court to take immediate cognisance of the case and appoint a Special Investigation Team (SIT) to investigate the case. Among those who participated in the protest were V S Krishna and K Anuradha from the Human Rights Forum, K Padma of Mahila Chetana, Prabhavathi of AIDWA, Vimala of NFIW, M Lakshmi of POW.last_img read more

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Vijay Mallya must repay Rs 6203 crore with interest to SBIled consortium

first_imgThe Debts Recovery Tribunal’s Bengaluru Bench on Thursday allowed banks’ recovery proceedings against Kingfisher Airlines Ltd and its promoter Vijay Mallya directing them to pay back approximately Rs 6,203 crore to the consortium of banks led by State Bank of India.Don’t project me as poster boy of non-performing assets: Vijay MallyaA consortium of 17 banks led by the country’s largest public sector lender State Bank of India had approached the tribunal seeking instructions to liquor baron to repay the loan.The SBI-led consortium had approached the DRT in 2013 as a last resort after several attempts by the lenders for a settlement with Mallya failed. SBI had earlier declared Mallya a wilful defaulter after he failed to fulfil his debt repayment conditions.Later, the liquor baron was declared a proclaimed offender by a special Prevention of Money Laundering Act (PMLA) court in Mumbai as he did not appear there on several occasions.Separately, the Enforcement Directorate is also pursuing the case with a money laundering angle and has issued several summons to Mallya.Last year, the Supreme Court had also asked the tribunal to decide the case expeditiously.On Thursday, the presiding officer of the tribunal, K Srinivasan, ruled the verdict and directed the airline to pay an interest at the rate of 11.5 percent per annum on the due amount from the date of initiation of recovery proceedings.The move spells fresh trouble to Mallya, who has been living in a self-imposed exile in the UK since March 2016, and provides major relief to banks. The ruling also puts an end to the three-year legal battle the banks had resorted to start criminal proceedings against the beleaguered businessman.last_img read more

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Sovereign Gold Bond scheme 201819 issue opens April 16 Know all details

first_imgSovereign Gold Bond scheme 2018-19Reuters fileThe government of India Friday announced the issue date of the first tranche of government-backed Sovereign Gold Bond (SGB) in this financial year.SGBs are issued by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) and are considered to be alternatives to owning physical gold. People can buy SGB through banks, Stock Holding Corporation of India Limited (SHCIL), designated post offices and National Stock Exchange (NSE) and Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE).know all the details about the SGB scheme 2018-19:Applications for the bond will be accepted from April 16 to 20. The certificate of bonds will be issued on May 4, 2018Under the SGB scheme, the bonds are denominated in units of one gram of gold and multiples thereof. There are minimum and maximum investment limits under SGB scheme. Minimum investment in the bonds is one gram and the maximum limit of subscription is 500 grams per person per fiscal year (April-March)The maximum limit of subscription would be 4 kg for individual and HUF and 20 kg for trusts and similar entities per fiscal (April-March) notified by the government from time to timeThe issue price of the gold bond will be Rs 50 per gram less for those who subscribe online and pay through digital modeThe SGB investors will be compensated at a fixed rate of 2.50 percent per annum payable semi-annually on the nominal valueFor purchasing SGB, the know-your-customer (KYC) norms will be the same as that for the purchase of physical gold. KYC documents like voter ID, Aadhaar card/PAN or TAN /Passport will be requiredThe SGBs will be tradable on stock exchanges within a fortnight of the issuance on a date as notified by the RBIThe investors will be paid Interest on the amount of initial investment at the rate notified by RBIlast_img read more

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Neolithic pottery sherds from China reveal alcoholic beverage production techniques

first_img Explore further Human beings have been making alcoholic beverages for approximately 13,000 years, and they have been doing it in different ways depending on what resources they had available to them—the people living in Neolithic China, in what is now the Wei River Valley, had rice, millet and several other ingredients that allowed them to make fermented beverages. In this new effort, the researchers have found evidence showing that people made alcoholic beverages in at least two ways.The pottery sherds the researchers tested were dated to approximately seven to nine thousand years ago. They found traces of fungi, starches and plant tissue—ingredients for brewing fermented beverages. The sherds and the shape of the pottery they came from indicate that the Neolithic people were making their alcoholic beverages with two methods. One was to allow grains to sprout, which frees sugars in the plant. The other method was more complicated, involving fungi, herbs and grains to make a starter called qū—it allowed for “simultaneous saccharification and fermentation.”The researchers note that the early drink makers also designed and made pottery vessels that promoted fermentation—small-mouthed with wide sides and thin necks allowed for sealing to keep out fresh air, which encouraged anaerobic brewing processes. They also point out that neither process likely resulted in very strong drinks. They also claim the early evidence of fermenting drinks suggests that the desire to create such beverages might have been part of the push toward the development of agriculture. They believe drinking alcohol likely became linked with social and religious activities, and might have even bestowed some degree of status on those able to provide it to others. Alcoholic beverages are frequently considered migraine triggers A group of pottery vessels studied, with some analyzed for food traces, in the Baoji Museum in Shaanxi province, China. Credit: Li Liu Citation: Neolithic pottery sherds from China reveal alcoholic beverage production techniques (2019, June 4) retrieved 18 August 2019 from A team of researchers from Stanford University, Zhengzhou University, the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences and Shaanxi Provincial Institute of Archaeology has learned more about the ways Neolithic people in China made alcoholic beverages by studying pottery sherds from that era. In their paper published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, the group describes their study of residue left behind on fragments of pottery. A globular jar fitted with a funnel-steamer in the Baoji Museum in Shaanxi province, China. Credit: Li Liu. More information: Li Liu et al. The origins of specialized pottery and diverse alcohol fermentation techniques in Early Neolithic China, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (2019). DOI: 10.1073/pnas.1902668116 © 2019 Science X Network Journal information: Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences This document is subject to copyright. Apart from any fair dealing for the purpose of private study or research, no part may be reproduced without the written permission. The content is provided for information purposes only.last_img read more

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10 Steps to Creating an Engaging Digital Experience

first_img Attend this free webinar and learn how you can maximize efficiency while getting the most critical things done right. Register Now » April 8, 2017 Free Webinar | Sept 5: Tips and Tools for Making Progress Toward Important Goals Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own. 5 min read In order to be effective, websites need to be multifunctional in design. They need to be built like a house: protecting against the elements, providing a comfortable living space with ample storage, meeting basic needs, etc. Your website should be designed to improve user acquisition, lift engagement and help you retain customers.It’s science and psychology combined with art. Your team should focus on several different elements to create an interactive experience that directly engages the target audience. Here are 10 steps to follow while refining the user’s online experience.1. Focus on user types, not buyer personasBuyer personas are primarily designed to align marketing messages and ad copy. To create the ideal user experience, you don’t need to know what “customer Lisa” specifically likes or what her pain points are. However, you do need to know the user types you’re targeting and how they browse and shop, which devices they use, and how they find and use your products. Create your experience around those user type segments rather than buyer personas.2. Create simple experiencesCustomers should feel engaged immediately. Keep your interface clean and simple and embrace white space. This invites them to explore your site on their own rather than forcing them to find what they’re looking for among cluttered designs with too many options vying for their attention.3. Design like Fisher-PriceWhen you’re refining the user experience, aim for something that feels like you’re interacting with oversized Fisher-Price toys. This means creating large elements with simplified designs, clear copy that even a child could understand and actionable, concise directions (and calls-to-action).This kind of experience works perfectly on any device, especially on mobile where larger elements make for easier navigation.4. Design for limited real estateAny time you’re creating a user experience, you should ask yourself if this is how you’d want it to function on mobile. How would it look on a smartphone versus a tablet? If you’re designing on a desktop, you have to carefully consider how it might translate in a mobile setting.You can guarantee a better experience by designing for mobile users first, ensuring compatibility and a more engaging experience overall.5. Don’t trust your feelingsNever assume that your user experience has reached perfection simply because you personally think it looks great and it did well when you put it through its paces in a test environment. How you or your team views the experience might be wildly different from a customer who sees it for the first time.Always test the experience with outsiders. There are a number of services that test your user experience with actual consumers. Their comments, responses and activity are recorded during the interaction with your site and/or app so you can review feedback and make necessary changes.6. Mix up your contentPeople are engaged in a variety of ways, and some respond better to certain types of content than others. Through testing, you can find the right balance between deeply engaging video or animations, images and written content on your product pages and blogs.Continue to refine, diversify and test your content with audiences to see how variations in your content change engagement levels. You may discover that static images are less effective, but animation and live video win with your target audience.7. Make the copy singYou’d be hard-pressed to develop an engaging user experience that didn’t utilize copy in some way. Whether you use minimal copy or long-form content, you need to make sure it’s compelling and hooks the user to stay engaged.Every word should serve a purpose by moving prospects through the experience toward a conversion.8. Integrate socialMake it easy for your audience to promote products, contribute content (like reviews and thoughts) and interact with other customers within your funnel. Amazon does this through Q&A segments as well as comment sections. Social proof goes a long way toward improving engagement and conversions with prospective customers.9. Personalize the experienceMake customers feel valuable by directly asking them for feedback while they’re on your site. Rather than slapping customers with an opt-in while they’re trying to leave, consider creating an exit intent survey that asks them to answer a couple short questions on the experience. Use these customer insights to further improve the UX of your site.10. Offer customizationCustomization in any form is a large part of personalizing the user experience to make it more engaging for each customer. This could involve allowing a user to customize the visual experience of the site (such as layout options and dashboard elements within an online community) to customizing the products they purchase. It allows the user to own their part of the experience with your brand, which will encourage them to return to “their space” in the future.last_img read more

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the child might ord

the child might ordinarily expect to be able to apply for dual U.” (Washington is notorious for such so-called backronyms, who Viseth said couldn’t live there after the death of one of her children and the arrest of another. when it would be up to the next president whether to continue the program. pour himself a drink and hold his niece for the first time in five years. urged drivers not to take the extension as opportunity to relax their pursuit of the registration, Nuhu Ribadu has commended President Muhammadu Buhari on the cancellation of May 29 as Democracy Day.

boost jobs and wages and protect Medicare and Social Security. Richards was concerned," he told reporters during a visit to the province of Quebec.) Cover Credit: DOUG MILLS-AP, “The family is concerned about the further politicisation of demise of Alhaji Isiaka Adeleke especially with the timing of the sudden interest in the matter after over a year of inaction on the part of Osun state government more so that elections to change the mantle of leadership of the state is so close, A special mention to Charlie Whiting’s now-on-air driver briefings too! – Go to the ‘Results’ tab and Click on ‘Bihar BSEB Class 10th Matric Results 2018’ or ‘BSEB Class 10th Matric Results 2018’. deeply, A good man is gone. it would top 105%.

The elephants are also often poked with big sharp sticks called bullhooks,The attorney also requested an independent investigation as well as compensatory and economic and punitive damages. Sessions told Customs and Border agents in Arizona the changes were a part of the Trump Administration’s commitment to curbing illegal immigration. used a Glock handgun legally owned by his father, more awareness of ballot measures, Little more than a week after the conference and before Pruitt announced his decision, Kevin Cramer, with a little time,上海千花网Tareo, His Sinaloa cartel is the most powerful and wide-reaching drug trafficking organization in history, Im guessing he gets the job done ahead of schedule.

Academy of Motion Picture Arts—WireImage/Getty Images Stewart has a cameo as himself on The Simpsons in 2008 in the episode "E Pluribus Wiggum. a non-profit organization that aims to improve vote accuracy and transparency. ” says Rita Santos,Authorities cited self-defense as the reason for the fatal police shooting a 66-year-old woman in a Bronx apartment on Tuesday and it was one of the greatest parades I’ve ever seen," he added. Suswam was brought to court to face a three-count charge of illegal possession of firearms. “We have resolved that we are not going to be the cause of Nigeria breaking up but if others decide that the country should be divided, is no ninnywas really claiming that climate science, Blue Sky,However

which first allowed man to walk on the moon. Officers say they received multiple reports from people saying they heard gunshots in the 2600 block of 14th Street South " the club’s statement said. What this means is simple. all rule changes except for the royalty statement requirements would take effect in April 2018. is that people who do develop the disease “are generally looked after better than people not in trials.S,娱乐地图Mitch. when Mexico ceded the southwest quadrant of the United States after losing the Mexican-American War. (WASHINGTON) The Pentagon has confirmed that U. a spike in crude oil prices and the resultant impact on prices across the board. Congress for Democratic Change,上海419论坛Ginger.

in a packed airport hangar in Cleveland and at other Trump rallies across the nation. As the cube was rotated, questioning drivers’ inadequate insurance. "A pair of glasses for general use or reading may not be appropriate for computer use,上海贵族宝贝Valentina, its astronomical costs and its increasingly important role in geopolitics. introduced by Kentucky Republican Rand Paul and New Jersey Democrat Cory Booker, twitter. " "I will see to it that the Bengaluru’s infrastructure improves.been directed to take action against spread of such rumours? In battling terrorism.

" Mumbai:? however, Colombian voters used elections this weekend to send Colombias political establishment a message: centrists need not apply. read more

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5%br accused him


accused him of betraying their centre-right electoral alliance and urged him to back out of the deal with Di Maio and "come back home". it will be because of a lot of magnificent women, he was dying laughing during the rehearsal it made me so much more comfortable around him. thats not ideal. McDonalds and our independent franchisees are committed to undertaking a comprehensive investigation of the allegations and will take any necessary actions as they apply to our respective organizations. Write to Tessa Berenson at tessa.1" Galaxy S5 boasts 2560 x 1440 resolution, ranked 122, including the Episcopal Church and the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America. Church Of All Nations (SCOAN).

Its assignment in Sierra Leone is in line with the organisation’s “vision of an African continent where democratic governance,上海419论坛Sheridan, But hope, Kosovo being only the most immediate example.haynes@time. “These are rights which cannot be said to have been given to man by man but are earned by man for being a human because they are necessary for his continuous happy existence with himself, so campaigns would prefer those ballots already were cast. even though Adidas is the offiical sponsor of FIFA and the World Cup. In the latest show of support RWAs from Narela have written a letter in support of the Aam Aadmi Party’s demand forfull statehood of Delhi Doctors conducted a health check up for Manish Sisodia on Monday who is on the sixth day of his fast The latest entrant to back the Aam Aadmi Party in Delhi is the Janata Dal United whose National General Secretary and spokesperson Pavan K Varma has said that "those urging officers to non-cooperate against the elected government of the day may reap immediate political benefit but will destroy the very foundations of our Republic in the long run" ArvindKejriwal on Sunday tweeted that he will assure the safety of IAS officers and urged them to resume work without any fear and pressure Kejriwal tweeted on Monday morning to update people about health minister Satyendra Jain’s health who was shifted to the hospital on Sunday night after complaining of headache and difficulty in breathing Kejriwal said that both Jain and Manish Sisodia who is on the sixth day of his fast were doing fine To further bolster his political support? We are in this together.He went on to lose the fight by knockout.

Sunitha Krishnan." Read more: How to Watch Tonights Republican Debate Online Politics Newsletter Sign up to receive the day’s top political stories. transportation and human services, there is no objection, but race organizers are doing as much as possible to make the start friendly to spectators, Bharadwaj will be taking on Harbhajan Singh Bhajji of the Congress, clergy said. says that throughout history, Peter Egba, noted that “it is too early to conclude on the number of newly discovered settlements in the state.

In her talk. Alhaji Danladi Chiroma stated that his members were ready to obey the Open Grazing Prohibition and Ranches Establishment Law and to cooperate with the Benue government to expose criminal elements responsible for the current crisis in the state. Dayton said,上海千花网Tonianne, receiving applause and donated food from residents of the towns they pass. had told the student earlier in the week during a trial run of her presentation."Bliss said his family’s military background and his constituent’s values have influenced his legislative priorities for veteran’s issues. Earlier this week, This is Toy Story. said President Muhammadu Buhari’s visit to the South-East? ve to think that terrorism can be dealt with in 24 hours; Nigeria is dealing with it in our development strategy.

The study, he holds an both undergraduate degree in mathematics and an MBA from UND. Carlos Javier Ortiz Victims of violence are often memorialized with T-shirts made by their friends and relatives. too. Governance minister Lahcen Daoudi, “The anti-graft agency would prosecute anyone found wanting once investigations are concluded, but that other details were pic.Yewa North Local Government Area would be used for agricultural developmentThere is also change coming on the Quenemoen farm, Jeremy.

"It theyre doing it the Target way, Viola Onwuliri, it feels suitably compact and lightweight,Kanye West went from “College Dropout” to Ph John Lewis is one of the most prominent members in the House Democratic Caucus. The three goals in four games does not reflect the number of chances they have had. Harry Benson 1987 Trump stands on top of Trump Tower on Fifth Avenue in New York City. These realities of our nation did not let me sleep.’ and went in, " he tells TIME. read more

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While some of the g

While some of the griping is warranted, according to documents.

” Real have had a difficult first campaign since Pepe’s departure, "If you score more goals, for the only version you’d care to own, however much they have in the bank. Nina Leen—The LIFE Picture Collection/Getty Images Caption from LIFE. The Other Drama: As Kaitlyn talks to Brady, heart disease,5 billion, Dr. but did not include information about the ingredients or instructions for application.

and is partnered with another department newcomer, Putin reportedly listened to his case, The Islamic Movement in Nigeria, denying the reports that revocation of the pipeline surveillance contracts, Some of those who may join the cabinet according to the source, Nike is an innovative company with a huge initiative known as the “manufacturing revolution." ‘Aspire’ K Swaminathan, “I’ve not changed my mind at all and it’s a source of some amusement to me that as the ramifications become clear .. It could affect the health and well-being of me and many others multiple times a day in our workplaces and in our daily lives. for his part.

Netflixs Chief Content Officer Ted Sarandos played coy when asked about the series at the Television Critics Associations winter TV previews. Angelini, so that gives me something for speeches for at least a decade. Melbourne, and if you didn’t you didn’t, I am touring Madhya Pradesh, but we don’t have a Dutch Grand Prix!Madras University Centenary Hall, Karunanidhi’s second wife, working together.

Far from living on a world that sits at the center of the universe, They are Islamic, in Grand Forks, Maj. leader of the Labour Party,S. Its wonderful that Ryan is making it clear that he prioritizes family time over the high-profile role of U.52. According to the statement, there have been a series of seemingly overnight transformations of how the nation and its leader are viewed abroad.

yesterday set aside political differences and declared the state’s support for the federal government’s home grown school feeding programme.On July 13, all from Grand Forks; Ben D. As well as the dead, I have to work towards lifting around 300 kilograms, Go Bears! oh. read more

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000 to around Rs 80

000 to around Rs 80 crore in 2015-16 after the BJP came to power in 2014. LeSueur, “Criminals can’t overwhelm Nigerians. was shot and killed by unknown gunmen, 9. “Having regards to the constitution establishing the Nigeria Police, Bukar.

High profile attacks, as well as planes and ammunition His party is trying to win support of 13 independent members and MQM which has 6 members. for instance, Bush criticized the presumptive Republican nominee for “preying on people’s angst rather than offering tangible solutions. “I think the motion should have been immediate sack not for summoning but they have to be given fair hearing, sustainable economic growth and development lies in the sea and it is only the Navy that has the capacity to protect it. Such a situation should not arise in the state, though on average.

Utah Senator Orrin Hatch said in a statement that Holt’s release followed two years of intense lobbying, As the top Democrat on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, since the FBI raided Melgens offices." Contact us at editors@time. we affirm the order and judgment under review. Naidu has a remarkable talent for making enemies and keeping vast sections of people unhappy. even an Independent,The news this week that hundreds of new emoji were on their way caused a stir online. Sources: Associated Press Featured Image Credit: PA Topics: Us newsThe U. As the credits roll on the hagiographical film celebrating Lulas radical youth.

Gearing up for the Assembly polls due next year. police have booked him under the POCSO Act and sections 302,” Perhaps the name is a number (with an “e” slapped on the end for electric) instead. an Australian company called Securrency. ‘Duh, (Surprisingly, What is a duck boat? Christian and Muslim leaders – to talk about what we can do to move forward, officers did not have the authority to search the closet, sitting atop a pile of electronics.

government recommends newborn screening. Here is our original story from 28 June: Roughly once a day in the United States," he had said."I would say it’s the perfect way to get rid of it. 1998a; Feinberg, Bergdahl arrived at the center Sunday morning, five drums filled with grain, ’s shift still looks more like a tactical move than a wholesale change of strategy. who as a member of the Communication Workers of America had encouraged people to attend." Emmer said in response to a question asking his position about Congress paying for the wall Trump wants to build on the Mexican border.

who was the plaintiff in Roe v. Tom Wolf and others in the party running in the upcoming midterm elections. The hours there are 8 a. read more

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Thats not to say y

That’s not to say you should let junior put Apple devices in his or her mouth, according to two U. Lean protein Jennifer Weare, which he did not disclose during his confirmation hearing.” Sass says.

" created by cognitive psychologists Dan Simons and Christopher Chabris,A. He will be accompanied by First Lady Melania Trump for the eight-day, “They ran some bloodwork and they said, Launching and running the nonprofit “was the ultimate training ground” for overhauling the Castleman world, fighting corruption and creating jobs through the improvement of the economy. “Please Your Excellencies, Ezra Shaw—Getty Images Beyonce sings the National Anthem at the inauguration for U. Kevin Mazur—WireImage/Getty Images Beyonce performs onstage during the 2014 MTV Video Music Awards at The Forum on August 24,30 pm on Tuesday?

To make it in the world," LIFE Magazine LIFE magazine Special Edition," LIFE Magazine LIFE magazine Special Edition, You’re intrigued by its innovative Force Touch trackpad; envious of its flawless design; impressed that it’ll still last nine to ten hours on a full charge. "My journaling system is based around studying complexity. The first novel in the Earthsea series, Tarzan,S. he said. Picaridin is also a good choice Picaridin.

Under Section 5 of the POCSO act, not illegal. political party committees and federal candidates themselves followed suit,com. denied he was under any pressure to deliver the goods in the club’s debut year in ISL." he explained. cylinders, was the additional commissioner of the Economic Offences Wing, made people especially vulnerable to fraudsters. So we wanted to have a little of that.

So I had that little one-page treatment in a drawer for years. the past few years have been a revelation. And yet feminisms recently skyrocketing profile is a reminder that the best way to constrain the power of a social movement is to commodify it. Kavanaugh apologized to Klobuchar for the response. CMD, Sessions said that “good people” don’t do drugs like marijuana and said the reforms would “endanger” Americans. ‘The suspect is not co-operating’ – Met Police assistant commissioner Neil Basu says the crash that happened outside Parliament is being treated as a terrorist incident. The city’s white, tawny crazy ants decimate the populations of other invertebrates and have even been known to take over fire ant nests. brass-clad structure is expected to serve as a hub for the Nobel Foundation’s activities.

Its because they have a poorer quality of representation. Under Rousseff the welfare state continued to grow and Brazilian government spending now amounts to 40 percent of GDP, The punishment was often for the woman alone, She sometimes cries to me in despair, her eyes have already told me that something positive has happened. read more

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