A webmaster’s question

The most accessible

webmaster network is the Admin5, which may be catchy or straightforward (written below like a running account),

is the first site in five years ago, was registered for free, is the so-called poor student, no money to buy a space, two is not the technology, the establishment of the thing is to add an article every day in, like the promotion, optimization, SEO have not heard, then 2002, itself is not science this may be seen short, very powerful beginning to add, probably done three or four months after slowly less into, only occasionally look at, to see a few days earlier, but can not find the URL, but was deleted, see. read more

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How can individual website stationmaster understand the voice of a grass root stationmaster

in the early winter of 2009, the China personal webmaster of the "financial crisis", December 14th,.Cn domain name registration personal stop. There is no legal record of the site all removed from the server, the closure of the closure, the move to move, causing the loss of money is not, data loss caused by the budget is not simply because the focus of the interview, a mobile phone of network news. Many national personal websites have been shut down. When the government stops this way blindly, what has left us these grass roots owners? A word for tears. read more

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Grassroots Webmaster in the future am also a witness of network changes

recently the network campaign intensified, the two day and heard Google to exit Chinese, individuals do stand a more difficult. Government regulation network is to build a harmonious online community, but personal websites innocent implicated, operating for many years, the website said that the shut off, the individual legitimate rights and interests are not guaranteed.

A5 forum bbs.admin5.com Thursday January 14th Edition chat activity, invite IT legal professionals – Zhuang Takeo to discuss network rectification, grassroots webmaster how to safeguard their legitimate rights and interests, to explore in the present legal system, how the rights of owners. This paper focuses on finishing version, welcome to discuss. read more

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Google link simple analysis

most websites have to look at Google’s face, so for Google ranking, it’s a concern for web owners. The keyword of the website can have good position in Google rank, so the flow of the website is undoubtedly ripe and big. Otherwise, everything is so embarrassing.

links are an ancient way of ranking Google, but links are a very important way in the Google rankings, at least until now. Otherwise, Google should cancel the PR value.

but when exchanging links, in many cases, it’s very interesting for the website owner. And many web owners believe that change links, or change the home page, or killed or done. The website PR value is 3, the home page is index.html, but there is a page in the product.html PR value is 3, with its home in the root directory, that page is relative said, here Google think their PR value is equal to the weight is equal, if there is a directory such as product/product.html. This is true in the page. However, the reality is that, for my explanation, few web owners will understand that they are willing to swap with my home page, and that the situation for product.html is much worse and that everyone is running away. read more

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From May to July talked about the analysis of Baidu algorithm

628 I believe that many small owners in heart’s pain, but now rely on Baidu to eat, so Baidu can not change, then change yourself, for 2 months, from dawn to dusk, finally out of touch point Baidu’s temper, for everyone to do now in the Baidu case to share with my temper today, welcome everybody together discussion.

our company website because of the record of the early problems, has been delayed until mid May through, because before the site section, keywords settings are unsatisfactory, so the record after the first thing to do is to change again, change after the title keyword, Baidu gave me when new. read more

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Huang Xiangru website operation should pay attention to interactivity

the reasons for success of a good website vary, but there is one thing that can not be ignored, that is, user interaction and participation. It can be said that every website is a community where people can publish information and communicate with each other. People can also elaborate their opinions or comments here, or make friends here. From the BBS, blog, podcast, Witkey, show, guest, friends or SNS website and so on, no matter how the concept, need technical support, how to function, they have a common point, that is to let each user become participants and contributors. Therefore, any website to have interactive, it can be said that it has potential for development; from the interaction and participation of users, the site is a pile of ruins. The important feature of interaction is that it can not only meet the communication and communication between users, but also improve the user’s participation and contribution. This can make the website win a good reputation and gather popularity well. read more

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Bottleneck and solution of industry website development

now people are more and more like shopping through the Internet, which greatly promoted the development of e-commerce, Taobao is so hot, because of this. This makes a lot of industry websites also saw a huge interest in this area have also launched e-commerce, but unfortunately, many people are not willing to professional website to buy things, and more love to pat, such as Taobao, eBay to buy, this is really do not have the solution, and then the author the beginning of the relevant market research, and found the problem, I will bring you the discovery and solution below! Hope and the vast majority of the webmaster friends to learn about read more

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Analysis and operation of local SNS websites

SNS now do website owners a lot, a little too much. I want to do SNS website, has been looking for a position, you know, only if you are seeking greater perfection, we are simply not happy with small owners, such as school competition, we either used to subdivide your industry SNS users, either by region.

SNS personal nature of the industry that is very promising, such as a dedicated programmer SNS, publicity, there will be a lot of people. Of course, this has been a successful example, such as the aggregation of love Guo Jijun, specifically to do webmaster this piece of SNS, a person that do it was successful. However, to the industry of SNS, I think the webmaster you must have a thorough understanding of the industry, or already have a certain reputation, or can be linked to the one or two industry to join, so to achieve a multiplier effect, otherwise the effect is not very optimistic. read more

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20 years to do the content of pepper operations live half a year 30 million users grow Secrets

if you want to participate in the iSeed series, or if you have any of the items recommended, please send an email to info@ifanr.com. Please note that in the email heading, "iSeed reports."". If you want to get an interview with the iSeed series, please submit your product to MindStore.io.

as a science and technology reporter, different vendors conference, is always one of the most concerned about the news. At this time, a "Pepper live" app attracted my attention, because almost every game I focus on science and technology conference, will see its figure – pepper live a user with a mobile phone camera will release live out, so not to the scene of the people can understand the real-time status of the conference is enough. read more

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How can the website construction make the user pay more attention to

Xiao Bian today out of such a title, many friends said that "this is not a disease? Individual website is not attractive?", there are a lot of friends will feel, I spend a few million to do the original site and others do not, is not the user will pay attention to what


wrong view:

personality does not mean absorbing user attention if the personality Daqiang, made the diaphragm should be, then the user will find trouble, and not think fashion is the best. Personality is also around the user experience to speak, rather than blindly pursuing special effects. read more

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Media entrepreneurs do not fly reflected in what areas

by the impact of the Internet economy, more and more people on the media embarked on the road of entrepreneurship. What about media entrepreneurs? Some people think it’s not reliable. So media entrepreneurs do not fly mainly reflected in what areas? Here to share the view that media entrepreneurs do not fly the point of view.

1. dependence

in the media, especially the financial media to stay for a long time, the Internet will have unrealistic imagination, I think all walks of life have friends. If this surface as the core competitiveness of the competition, the more you expect, the more disappointed. After the news of my resignation, the day received 42 calls, thousands of WeChat. read more

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Huang Liangxin website business must prevent strategic deformation

at the beginning of the web site, we will have a certain survey, the site also has a good positioning, the product also has a general direction. But in practice, because each person has a different understanding of the same thing, it is more important to have a different view of the priorities of the goals.

At the same time between

different functions for the goal of understanding will be different, such as product, market, operations, and other functional departments for the target technology, to achieve the goal and the order will have a different understanding of the obvious. At this point, it is debatable whether the work done by different departments has a synergistic effect on achieving common goals. Maybe a functional department spends a lot of money, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s good for it, and it doesn’t necessarily work well with other departments. read more

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Cai Wensheng personal website development into inflection point

             ; Cai Wensheng to visit the sixty-ninth phase of the IT Longmen, the personal website of the future and its commercialization problems with all of you to communicate and share.

Cai Wensheng in the speech for individual Adsense site, share three ideas: professional website, industry website and local portal, and combined with the actual case, to the webmaster did wonderful analysis. In addition, Cai Wensheng believes that e-commerce and wireless Internet will be the mainstream of development in the next few years. read more

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365 experience network for a beautiful dream continue to work hard

 :   the 365 experience network for more than a year, the only feeling is that entrepreneurship is difficult, especially when you face the impact of the outside world and temptation. But whenever I see that mom and dad have what you need on the Internet on the website; whenever I see and I constantly strive to colleagues; whenever we get a little bit of praise from others, I will encourage myself to persist. But sometimes things don’t get everyone’s approval or even their own family. read more

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Ancient four micro quotient in the circle of friends brush advertising not pull black tricks

many friends asked me on WeChat, how to advertise in the circle of friends, have better results and not be pulled black. In this article, I tell you about four micro business in the circle of friends brush ads are not pulled black tricks, I hope to do micro business friends have some small help!


starts from the development of micro business can be seen from the rough type promotion mode at the beginning, also is in the circle of friends violence scraper, let everyone tired, now Shuabing slowly decrease, of which there are many micro business is the result of reflection certainly. Don’t do the micro business really can not have friends? In addition to the choice of products, micro business in the circle of friends scraper and how to do in order to more effectively prevent blocked or pull black read more

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Analysis of regional tourism guide website development strategy and profit points

The development level of

tourism is closely linked with the national economy, with the improvement and promotion of people’s economic conditions, as well as external tourism to improve the environment, make modern people have to travel as a habit of indispensable life, resulting in a huge market, the Internet also formed a huge blue ocean market value from this, we have developed the Ctrip and mango, and the subsequent emergence and rise of the various travel websites and Internet service providers will be able to see the market capacity strong, and the personal webmaster, in the face of financial and technical aspects of the strength is not large, the deep background of these large sites, how to successfully play their own piece of the sky in the tourism network business tide by finding new Way, new method, not blindly than scale, but hard to find skills. read more

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Health class site has become a new favorite

      with the development of modern society, the overall improvement of living standard, the topic of "health" has gradually become the hot point we’re talking about, in the quality of life has been greatly improved at the same time, exposed sub health problems are constantly increasing, and all the time in affecting our normal learning and work. How to make our body and mind live in a healthy environment, which is the most important concern of each of us.

health class site, but also grassroots webmaster can consider the direction of development, after all, it relates to each of our vital interests, and our life is closely related. The key is to further refine the location of the site and determine one or two kinds of feasible operation mode, such as expert online Q & A, health online consultation, can be associated with hospitals and health care institutions such as the combination of their products to promote cooperation; can also cooperate with community forum to do network marketing, such as melatonin, gold partner ah, have to copy how hot, there are other products such as weight loss, beauty, health, which is the effective channel agents can take. Of course, you can also go to other directions to develop, no unexpected, as long as you are willing to do it attentively, the success of personal Adsense is often continuous, adhere to the integration of their own wisdom and ideas. read more

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How to analyze the competitors SEO status and do their own work

SEO refers in particular to the natural ranking and number of web pages that are promoted in search engines. Obviously, all the work we do for SEO is to get free traffic. Compared with the commercial ranking, it has high matching, high stickiness, authority and so on. Many personal Adsense is precisely because grassroots, return on investment is not ideal, so do not want to invest money to search engine promotion, quickly get rankings. In the face of free SEO, the webmaster is related to the skills of drool with envy, hate not like hunger and thirst to wake up, ranked among the top keywords. In the Internet, many articles about SEO beyond count because the platform is fine, the advertising base was strangled in the cradle, misleading article is crazy spread, resulting in many owners holding "empty city" or put all sorts of things together constructed by SEO website, many spirit upside, even boast without shame on SEO talk with eloquence. It is read more

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Forgot Baidu can make the user experience the best website

brothers, big brothers, why do we do websites? What’s the purpose of doing web sites? The answer to these two questions is nothing more than the following two answers:

is the first answer: Wangzhuan, flow, famous! If it is such an expert, you can leave now, following on with you is nonsense, see will waste your valuable time.

second kinds of answers: hobbies and interests, sharing their own happiness and others. Well, please put down your work, look at some of my brother’s thoughts and views, we exchange, for our beloved little station to develop experience. read more

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Feelings and experiences about entering the network

life really have a lot of chance, I do not believe that, I took a careful not to enter the network for this industry, I study e-commerce, there is little understanding of the network, before finally find a web site, is a very difficult thing, it is impossible. Thanks to the Butterfly Garden Network of dove big brother take me to enter this industry, teach me to write the program, change the program to build small, I want to go to the shopping mall, the promotion process met think a lot of people like, website promotion, website is a very hard thing, basically every day to keep focused on the site, like most people with instant noodles, fried rice basically is my best friend, someone said Dabao see every day, we see every day is instant noodles fried rice, to TOM customers now (also can be said to be false, I have hao123 network) Very hard to do, I hope I can finish my own little business in the network, in the process of promoting the very special thanks to MTV, music bar owners, as well as fashion apparel wholesale Zhang, of course, has been quietly helping me not return dove brother, thank you, thank you for always helping me to say so much like a thank you would like to talk about the topic. read more

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