Hard pressed community business because mobile internet life is better

I horse: January 2012, "entrepreneurs" magazine has used "the social" big bang for the cover, depicting the mobile social application in unfamiliar street, WeChat led by the outbreak of the second half of 2014, is likely to sprint unfamiliar street market, market value should be more than $2 billion. So, always hard to force community business, will because the mobile Internet community and LBS combination, more easily commercial realization, life better? The answer is not sure. read more

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Ma Yun the myth of the Alibaba

talking about Alibaba can not help mentioning Ma Yun, talking about the myth of Alibaba, it is better to say that Ma Yun myth.

Ma Yun: This was thought to be close to crazy, claiming to not understand management, do not understand the computer, the network has a strong interest and original view of the person – – this person is Alibaba CEO.

yes, it is hard to imagine the slight even fragile Ma has created a world miracle world network. Created by him, exactly, he led the team to create the website of Alibaba has become the world’s largest e-commerce site, to find a way for the Chinese international trade of small and medium enterprises, also contributed to the rapid development of economy Chinese. read more

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Student stationmaster’s growth must pay attention to the question

has a lot of friends like me, student leaders, or earn little money, or earn money. I went to the interview the other day and found a lot of problems.

A lot of

personal webmaster to grasp: website theme, web applications, web design, website promotion, website operation and so on, but have no common money webmaster problem is understand all aspects of all aspects are not fine.

interview process (1. interviewer 2. myself)

1: Hello, you sent us the resume of our company, didn’t you?

2: en. Yes,. read more

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The three question is how to manage website traffic

through the website traffic management, understand the product operation condition, can very good help product and operation provide decision-making basis, adjust operation strategy, product strategy, promote product better service for users.

Direct work flow and improve the optimization of

page is not a web analyst, but an excellent website analyst to have the ability to provide analysis and suggestions for the products and operations, and data of atmosphere in the company, and ensure that all departments towards the same goal. After all, web analytics is a process of discovering problems, analyzing problems, and solving problems. read more

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Network Pushing bride analysis of micro blog marketing illusion behind the bustling secret

micro-blog concept, looks like a fire. Micro-blog marketing follow the trend quickly, more than in the SNS for the internet. Because micro-blog’s presence changed a communication model, and produced a marketing model. Internet marketer bride think commercial value micro-blog aside, such as doing activities and official cooperation throughout the gateway of the local micro-blog or micro-blog, there is a marketing illusion that micro-blog marketing really can bring fire to a brand, then send non-stop, send, change the flowers like to become short mainstream micro-blog marketing. But there are few enterprises that can really realize brand publicity and value transformation. Reason: inaccurate positioning. First of all, micro-blog marketing belongs to the illusion of word of mouth, and the actual concept of powder and broadcast. In the traditional marketing sense of the Internet, micro-blog marketing belongs to interactive entertainment marketing, and is not suitable for all enterprises and enterprise culture and products. read more

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The marketing model of portal website and entity enterprise

combined with the entity type marketing is a kind of industry portal, combining with the real business, launched a new marketing mode of marketing from two directions, which is the traditional marketing resources to integrate the use of centralized implementation of targeted, online and offline system operation, which effectively utilizes the function of media industry website, and promote the entity transaction volume, is a kind of effective marketing model.


to Home Furnishing network as an example, the site is Home Furnishing users with a full range of decorative building materials integration portal site. In order to allow users to get in the building materials industry Home Furnishing related information at the same time, taking into account the actual needs of users, operators and cooperation site decision makers in this year has invested a lot of manpower and resources to the line trading entity stores the surrounding products online, select the appropriate distribution points, in a cooperative alliance, gradually formed the integrated business model, the current site visits in site visits grow with each passing day, many potential customers, visitors advantage, Home Furnishing network go on the site as the main body, pushing the entities under the line products and this service, effectively promote the development of. read more

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Stationmaster is doing a website more important is to learn to communicate

has nearly three years of local stations, with most States almost every day and night owl like, up until this point now, doing what estimates do not have to say, but the results are not satisfactory, I believe there are many webmaster is unhappy. The parents said in the job, the next person said I do not (money) the way things, why should resolutely every day to continue the hard state, this is because the interest, because every webmaster heart there is a dream, at least I am so, but whether or not the future, I was still, at least is doing interesting things. read more

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On the layout of elastic and solid width

in the user’s display more and more today, before the layout of 1024*768 solid wide a little more on the big screen be inopportune or inappropriate, the user, on both sides of the empty space at first glance give the impression is a serious waste of the screen as a web designer, you have the responsibility to give the user a good user group interface.

of course, in order to reduce the waste of the screen, the elastic fluid layout is the best solution, it can make full use of screen space, no matter how much you are the resolution of the user, can enjoy the full screen display content. However, due to various restrictions, the current web pages are fully flexible, and the layout conditions are not yet available (especially for browser vendors who abuse standards and not fully support CSS standards, and so on). As a mediator between users and vendors, we can only adapt to the gap between the two in a compatible mindset. Therefore, as a solution to the transition, there is such a layout: flexibility + solid width layout. read more

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Website positioning error design is unreasonable

was sad to find a big problem with his site, which really accounted for less than 1/2 of the total number of IP per day from the search engines that came from the search engines, IP,

someone would say, "IP is a good thing,


, the other IP source is not stable, because the main is through personal publicity, is carrying the Admin5, such as alimama, you should understand how come – written propaganda. If there is no written propaganda, IP my site will be reduced by half. /p>… read more

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Soft text Raiders writing steps to share

soft for enterprise marketing, the role of the soft is great, how to write the text? A lot of people think write soft start, there is no fixed pattern what let us fill it. Then I can help you estimate this guide a little bit. (for novice, master, consciously flashing)

with rookie, below to share my experience in writing soft text: soft text writing steps


step 1: draw attractive headlines

yes, that’s the topic. When we feel we have no way to start, we can draw up a headline. Because the title is drawn, it is equivalent to the formulation of the central idea. With the central idea, will it be difficult to write articles? Examples: soft text writing steps, Raiders, this is the title of this article. Isn’t this topic attractive and unattractive? How come you come in?. Well prepared topic, I have the central idea: write a soft text writing strategy. read more

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Difficult to build make money online rich dream when round

started from the University, I came into contact with the network, understand the network, also does not know from what the mouse, do not know how to use the little boy to today, 2003–2008, a total of 5 years, after the storm, the N of the spring and Autumn period, year after year… Chasing dreams…… where is the station?? money is more difficult!


first introduced myself: University graduate. Not interested in professional is mainly interested in the network. Every day in the Internet… Is 26 years old. This broke. Company: http://s.smart-map.cn work. Post network promotion. Salary: 3000 work: Post! Wait! Every afternoon… I was dizzy!! cry!!!……. Shenzhen area salary is not enough to stick to your teeth. Their monthly… Amoy money to supplement the read more

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Make fast food wholesale can also make money

a time to eat, a lot of people are reluctant to go out, especially in the summer and cold winter cold air, so the major fast food restaurants also provide takeaway service. However, for fast food restaurants, the recruitment of people who send the takeaway is not worthwhile. In this context, there is a business opportunity was born, that is fast food wholesale business.

many fast-food restaurants because many guests, will be very busy at dinner time, if the takeaway much is simply too busy, I know a friend is a fast food shop, he said that if more than a few people to please delivery on thought, to the streets looking for an uncle to send, and then give him a piece of money Commission, but the letter but. read more

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Call for help Baidu is at my station at K

, this is my second soft text in Admin5, although it is soft, but still want to give you some hints, not soft, in addition to links, the other is nonsense! ~


is ironic, the first soft text is "Baidu success included the whole process", Admin5 link: http://s.admin5.com/article/20080409/79397.shtml   second, "Baidu is K my station".

On the morning of 16

Baidu update, http://s.baifans.com television network station 100 powder I included 1300, 17, Baidu actually to me the station was updated, but this is the punishment, site:baifans.com, only 600. Let’s say the whole story. read more

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4 months how to make a website from obscurity into a 25 million PV

in four months, how to make a website from obscurity into a 25 million page access,


Mobio Insider on the realization of the "Arabian Nights", but the trick is, and celebrity cooperation! Celebrity Mobio lot of cooperation, including gold · Kardashian, football star Cristiano · Ronaldo, the model / actress Pamela · Anderson, etc.. Binns, Mark, chief executive of the company, said, "70% to 80% of the traffic on social media is driven by celebrities. A year ago, we began to focus on the social media field and found tremendous opportunities." read more

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Discussion on site building strategy website positioning

wants to build a website, first of all, it should be conceived in his own mind.

1, website outlook.

it should be your site planning, website development direction, development space is much, which is expected to have the audience, the audience how many, these are directly determine your location whether the site is worth doing it, we all know that the dragon was a joke, dragon for scary, but no dragon Tu similarly, as you do, the site was again beautiful, no appreciation is no value.

2, its own advantages, read more

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nterpretation of news source site survival rules how to grasp the five dimensions

December 25th, christmas. Fortunately participated in Baidu webmaster platform latest VIP lecture hall. The theme of "Baidu news source site" and the law of survival, rectification through various case analysis of Baidu news sources included standard, penalty mechanism and punishment measures, as well as by Baidu news source after punishment. The training is also Baidu Adsense platform VIP club new home line after the first bomb, some of which are worth sharing to everyone.

because Baidu news source site related training, so this time to participate in activities mainly in Beijing local large and medium-sized news portal site based. Such as NetEase, Sina, Phoenix, CCTV network, speed network, these well-known integrated portal and technology sites have participated in the local training. In addition to these sites, but also no shortage of Soufangwang, car home such industry vertical web site. Even invited webmasters such as A5 webmaster network, Hebei news network portal and local newspaper website from afar, you can see the news source for science and technology portal site importance. read more

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365 good teachers connect teachers and parents directly

lead: "the same course and class, our teacher income than traditional education institutions of teachers twice, and parents spending is only 40% of traditional educational institutions."." 365 good teacher, founder Wang Weining said.

July 2013, K12 platform in the field of o2o, 365 good teachers on-line. 365, a good teacher is a direct connection between tutors and parents of one to one education platform. Parents can search information according to the teacher discipline, grade, gender, and teacher appointment through the online course, let the children accept learning counseling online, meet the parents personalized needs and increase the efficiency of learning children. read more

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Li Hao don’t forget the ultimate goal of website

Napoleon has a famous saying: "a soldier who does not want to be a general is not a good soldier." this applies to his age. Back to our age, this Internet throughout our lives every corner of the era, I want to say is: "do not want to use the site to make money is not a good webmaster."."

SEO is basically every webmaster understand a little more, some owners know that some owners know less, but no matter what is the hope that through SEO to make their website has a good ranking in the search engine. So they tried on the selection of key words, the layout of the keywords, long tail word layout, the chain construction, website update, the chain construction and other issues. read more

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From zero start to 2 million vertical forum operating experience to share

first declare, I am not full-time professional webmaster, I have my own job. Out of love for the network, at the same time in their own home products do a little contribution mentality founded the walnut circle forum http://s.hetaoquan.com, this forum is the vertical industry forum, is the annual trading volume of 2 million yuan in a very professional Wenwan walnut forum. For the forum here no longer do more elaborate, only three years since the inception of the operational experience of the forum, dry sharing. read more

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How to unlock your station called Baidu

Hello everybody, recently Baidu K station is serious. Many small owners have been estimated by K, has posted some way how Baidu reopened, I hope you love and support.

1. checks the code content of your website and reduces duplicate keywords. Reduce the density and ask Baidu to determine that you are less likely to cheat. Can effectively call Baidu release your web site.

2. checks whether the website has political language and language, including violent ×, ×, ×, ×. We are all small people webmaster, should honestly do stand, don’t touch politics, otherwise will hang very miserably. read more

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