ndustry website profit mode analysis of education website chapter

subdivision industry website is considered to be an entrepreneurial or self built web site, which, such as decoration, home building materials, education, wedding photography, and even driving school and so on, have a series of relatively large flow of sites. In the next period of time, the author will focus on writing several articles, as we analyze in detail the profit segments of the industry Web site, first today the first article: inventory of the top education website is how to profit. There are two types of education training websites, one is educational websites, which provide educational consultation, and the other is training websites based on training information. The profit models of these two types are different greatly. This article first analyzes the education website profit pattern. read more

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Enhance the conversion rate of the 5 step subdivision dry goods in dry

promotion conversion rate is one of the core tasks in operation, which means lower cost and higher profit.

when we have high conversion rate, it means that we can boldly launch, finance, burn money, pull users, and build strong barriers to competition.

, let’s see first, what are the definitions and formulas for conversion?


conversion rate is equal to the expected number of acts divided by the total number of actions.

The expected behavior is that we consider the target

hope to do, such as "click" click rate is the expected behavior, forwarding rate in the "forward" is the expected behavior, and so on, the activation rate of download rate and purchase rate, opening rate, turnover rate, re purchase rate etc.. read more

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A website page is Baidu all included


, I was a network editor, but it was just working for others, and I didn’t really run my own website. Every day just to complete a certain amount of press, there are not too many consider promotion website, more confined to the text itself, perhaps because of this reason, I work in the content. Here are some tips:

1) content is not afraid of less, refining the most important. Content to pursue less and refined, the article should pursue short and fine. You can go to other websites and search for content that will enrich your web site, but avoid monotony. Because of the proliferation of means of acquisition, the site "thousands of stations side" phenomenon is now common. You have to give visitors something unusual, even if it’s just minor change. Especially for the content of my station, it’s possible to make some changes. (Note: at present I haven’t learned to collect…) read more

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ncrease our revenue by copying web sites

many webmaster friends, their small station is always so hundreds of people, for IP can achieve 4 figures, full of desire. Their website user experience is very good, the conversion rate is also very high, this is a lot of big traffic website can not do. In this case, if you want to break through the IP bottleneck, there’s a different way. That is to copy one or more of these sites, and IP adds up to 4 digits, and the amazing conversion rate is our advantage. Of course, here "copy" is not a simple copy, as we all know, title repetition, content repetition, the same structure, certainly not included in the search engine. The successful copy of a web site is equivalent to replication of revenue. Here are some of the differences that need to be done in replication". read more

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Ma Grassland Forum PR value from 0 to 4 of the five basic principles

, the author’s small step reading world forum, has been created for nearly two years now. Both in the membership, or in traffic has made a considerable steady development. The PR value update cycle is generally about three months, today read step World BBS PR value rose to 4. And the improvement is not easy forum of the PR value, in a small celebration, also to the webmaster friends to introduce a little of his own experience, not for gold, but also regarded as a basic principle. Just to share, please paizhuan. read more

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Analysis of imitation brand shoes foreign trade station

China in the southeast coastal trade industry is very developed, they rely on Google search engine imitation brand shoes and apparel sales, so here to express is earned.

driven by high profits, more and more people join the industry, and each foreign space providers and authentic stations against the intensity of each brand. I’m also a little worried about the foreign trade. Maybe a lot of foreign trade companies will be closed one day, so my view is to make more money while you are young. Then hand over to another industry. After all, imitation goods itself is also risky. read more

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How to make a local station do its best to beat an opponent

many people now can see some classified information network to do the national or trans regional large amount of information and views is far lower, analyze, why? Because the problem consciousness Chinese users of Internet users of traditional and regional users, everyone will like their local information station, because of this they will feel closer to the information from their own, more credible! From a webmaster, the development of a nationwide local station often responsible for their own place than their information station, easy maintenance, easy to development! Therefore, more webmaster more and local information station, in order to form a classification of information compared with the nationwide against group read more

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A station master must learn to make money from the rich

07 years from the beginning of the webmaster more and more difficult to make money, every day from early to late, with the webmaster of a word called "get up earlier than chicken, sleep later than a dog", but in the end can not earn a few coppers! Baidu’s law has been changed, the flow is not guaranteed, GG advertising money less is more, in order to survive, many owners have to take the risk of K to sell the game site


is a special group in the China station, they have a tough character admirable! In 08 years China economic predicament, almost feel most companies face the predicament of management and the Voices of discontent. The webmaster, without complaint, they still do stand silently, with good wishes to face every day. In fact, this is the advantages of the webmaster, but also the webmaster’s sorrow! read more

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Enterprise WeChat public number into scripts master is entertainment or marketing

has a history teacher, knowledgeable, witty, many students in his class, boring in the tension of life, the history teacher humorous teaching style so many students feel relaxed, popular and attractive may not have good results! Results in the monthly examination, class of 50 only 7 students pass, "too horrible to look at" to describe is not too much, finally, the history teacher long-term sick leave, returned to the "original" class, this is my student in the real thing, but at that time not to say that the Internet, even the computer is a mystery. read more

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Four key elements of good web design

excellent web design is a combination of art and science. It requires technical input and aesthetic input. The end result is an attractive visual and profitable marketing tool that allows people to access from search engines. Although the integration of this technique with creative skills can be expressed in many ways, there are also some specific factors.

for good web design, here are four key factors:

1. consistency

The first element of the quality of

web design concerns individual aspects of each site. In other words, the overall look, feel, and function of the site should be uniform. The way to achieve this goal is to use the same font and color scheme on each page. A web site that uses different fonts or random color schemes can distract visitors and make visitors feel dizzy, thus shutting down the site. read more

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How to use the website source code to build a website quickly

Guide: the use of Web site source site, can be said to be the most efficient way to build all stations, the most cost-effective way of building. Considering that many friends are not so familiar with and familiar with the website construction, so Huaxia network marketing network here tells us how to use the website source code to build a website quickly.

dear friends:

good morning,

China Internet marketing network recently because of too much business, so there is not much time to write something original. Close of the year, the Chinese network marketing network sincerely wish all friends happy new year, the year of the snake down read more

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Establishment process of new station

in recent years, the number of people taking part in the college entrance examination is increasing day by day, and the college entrance examination has become the only way for people to grow up. What’s more, the college entrance examination is linked with the future of the future. The entrance is approaching, so that the mood of the candidates every day tense up, so that parents worry about increasing every day, so that the community’s attention is focused together. Part of the candidates in order to improve the college entrance examination hit rate, began to choose the art exam. According to the relevant media reports and statistics, the number of candidates from the actual enrollment examination of various provinces to participate in the examination, such as Jiangsu, Guangdong, Henan province fine arts college entrance exam candidates are still on the rise, the Henan art students exceeded 100 thousand people, a conservative estimate of the national art examinee should be not less than 1 million people. read more

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Don’t miss it a 3 million fan public number operator gives you advice


/ Susu Valley Lord Sun Zhijun

Valley owners as an earlier concern WeChat batch (opened in April 2011, WeChat), along the way witnessed the development of WeChat, but also in WeChat harvest. He used to run more than WeChat public accounts, some of them about 3000000. WeChat’s understanding of the nature of a different feeling. Just recently to help friends analyze the data of public accounts, then here for everyone to talk about the operation of WeChat public platform for your reference, to exchange: read more

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Blog development in four stages maturity and profitability need to persevere

success in running a blog into a profitable state is a long process that requires effort and concentration. Many people can’t achieve the goal of getting a certain income through blogging. Many people fail to achieve the goal of earning a certain amount of money through blogging. I think the blog development should go through the following four stages to achieve this goal:

stage 1: blog creation,

The first stage of

‘s blog is the very simple blogging phase. The focus of this phase is on blogging content and configuration. Much of your energy is spent creating high quality content to keep your blog updated. You can write 10 or 50 articles before you create a blog. read more

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Discussion on stock raising platform at home and abroad

wrote a month ago to start raising the public three models, namely, credential type, membership and equity based. This article has been forwarded 3000 times and has caused a great deal of reaction. The rise of Internet banking has made all possible things that we once thought impossible, and the real entrepreneur’s spring will soon be here. Today, I will focus on some cases in the field of equity raising both at home and abroad.

Wefunder – U.S. equity raised platform

opened the Wefunder site, and I got ray first. One of the projects Wefunder is raising is FlyingCar, a flying car. The project has now raised more than $10 million, essentially more than the amount of venture capital investment in the B round of start-up projects. The operation mode of Wefunder is like this. First of all, the company on the website is Wefunder, carried out detailed research, and has a certain professional credibility. User as long as the money to Wefunder, and then find their own company, directly click on the "Invest" button, enter the minimum investment amount of $1000, has successfully invested in the Wefunder of the company. Next, investors will need you to sign the investment documents online. After the start-up company confirms that you can accept your investment, you will receive the share certificate even if the investment is valid. All of these processes don’t need to be done online, and you don’t have to understand angel investing. read more

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Desert Enterprise Station to enhance the user experience of the strategy

Many companies

stations may lead to an embarrassing situation, that is, put a lot of money in it, but the income is not very good, but in the process of operation of the site, we consider not only the investment, the most important is put into effect, in this process, we can’t on the user experience, which is directly related to whether the next time the user visit your site, then it can be converted to profit.

first, not professional website design, it is very deadly, rough page will let people feel your professional enterprise, page modification too fancy, and people will have a bad mood, this site is not stable, too beautiful also can make the person fatigue. No professional website, have a bad influence to the customer, so they would not be interested in your product. read more

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How to improve the conversion rate of commercial websites

business website, its purpose is economic benefit, although the website traffic is a foundation, but most of the time, our traffic is up, but the order was motionless, as a commercial website operators, the conversion rate is a very important data support.

website conversion rate is: the order quantity ÷ website traffic = conversion rate (%). From this equation, it can be seen that the increase in void traffic can reduce the conversion rate and that the increase in the number of orders can provide conversion rates. read more

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He who saves in space is the most wasteful

There is a popular saying on

online: "the person who saves on investment is the most wasteful person." this sentence is not very clear when I was standing, but what I have now is deeply appreciated. It’s a whip that doesn’t hit me. I don’t know how it hurts. Now I know how it hurts. I hope I can wake up more friends who have just stood by the lessons that have happened to me.

started the station, I used an unknown space provider to provide space, then bought only one reason, that is, space is cheap and big, then spent 50 yuan to buy down. read more

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Electricity supplier positioning era 1 confusion and solution

‘s confusion now,

"now drainage is"

, whether it’s a small store of electricity or a big platform with its own platform, has a similar feeling and confusion this year.

with this confusion and is nonstop for a solution, so a variety of means came into being, is nothing more than the emergence of various resources and the integration of marketing, SEM marketing, CPS alliance, as well as a variety of eye-catching exaggerated information.

, just as three months ago, took micro-blog and SNS as the perfect Bible for salvation. At last everyone got nothing but fatigue and confusion. read more

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