Discussion on stock raising platform at home and abroad

wrote a month ago to start raising the public three models, namely, credential type, membership and equity based. This article has been forwarded 3000 times and has caused a great deal of reaction. The rise of Internet banking has made all possible things that we once thought impossible, and the real entrepreneur’s spring will soon be here. Today, I will focus on some cases in the field of equity raising both at home and abroad.

Wefunder – U.S. equity raised platform

opened the Wefunder site, and I got ray first. One of the projects Wefunder is raising is FlyingCar, a flying car. The project has now raised more than $10 million, essentially more than the amount of venture capital investment in the B round of start-up projects. The operation mode of Wefunder is like this. First of all, the company on the website is Wefunder, carried out detailed research, and has a certain professional credibility. User as long as the money to Wefunder, and then find their own company, directly click on the "Invest" button, enter the minimum investment amount of $1000, has successfully invested in the Wefunder of the company. Next, investors will need you to sign the investment documents online. After the start-up company confirms that you can accept your investment, you will receive the share certificate even if the investment is valid. All of these processes don’t need to be done online, and you don’t have to understand angel investing. read more

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Desert Enterprise Station to enhance the user experience of the strategy

Many companies

stations may lead to an embarrassing situation, that is, put a lot of money in it, but the income is not very good, but in the process of operation of the site, we consider not only the investment, the most important is put into effect, in this process, we can’t on the user experience, which is directly related to whether the next time the user visit your site, then it can be converted to profit.

first, not professional website design, it is very deadly, rough page will let people feel your professional enterprise, page modification too fancy, and people will have a bad mood, this site is not stable, too beautiful also can make the person fatigue. No professional website, have a bad influence to the customer, so they would not be interested in your product. read more

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How to improve the conversion rate of commercial websites

business website, its purpose is economic benefit, although the website traffic is a foundation, but most of the time, our traffic is up, but the order was motionless, as a commercial website operators, the conversion rate is a very important data support.

website conversion rate is: the order quantity ÷ website traffic = conversion rate (%). From this equation, it can be seen that the increase in void traffic can reduce the conversion rate and that the increase in the number of orders can provide conversion rates. read more

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He who saves in space is the most wasteful

There is a popular saying on

online: "the person who saves on investment is the most wasteful person." this sentence is not very clear when I was standing, but what I have now is deeply appreciated. It’s a whip that doesn’t hit me. I don’t know how it hurts. Now I know how it hurts. I hope I can wake up more friends who have just stood by the lessons that have happened to me.

started the station, I used an unknown space provider to provide space, then bought only one reason, that is, space is cheap and big, then spent 50 yuan to buy down. read more

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Electricity supplier positioning era 1 confusion and solution

‘s confusion now,

"now drainage is"

, whether it’s a small store of electricity or a big platform with its own platform, has a similar feeling and confusion this year.

with this confusion and is nonstop for a solution, so a variety of means came into being, is nothing more than the emergence of various resources and the integration of marketing, SEM marketing, CPS alliance, as well as a variety of eye-catching exaggerated information.

, just as three months ago, took micro-blog and SNS as the perfect Bible for salvation. At last everyone got nothing but fatigue and confusion. read more

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078 game nets discuss the website regularization operation

Thousands of lecture organized by the Federation of Anhui Internet

old K has presided over the fiftieth period, the guests Hu Yang established Jieyang Network Media Technology Co. Ltd. since 2009 03, and served as director of Jieyang CEO and the company. Since March 2009, Mr. Hu Yang has been president of the company. Mr. Hu Yang in the 078 game network playing the young game portal and game information and game data analysis plays a key role in the platform, and contributed to the Jieyang company in Huaian local Internet status. The founder of Jieyang before, Hu Yang served as Xiamen Henglian company (chinaz.com, cnzz.com) editorial director. Prior to that, Mr. Hu Yang also served as executive director of several star rated hotels. At present, Mr. Hu Yang has served as an adviser to many Internet Co. Mr. Hu Yang has MBA degree, Mr. Hu Yang also served as director of the Huaian Internet association and other positions. read more

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Blog event network marketing

event review:


upgrade system, users are surprised to find the stars themselves as fans in his blog "puff". "Blog" relates to many stars, both Zhang Tong, Huang Ming, Li Fei’Er and other famous or "half red not purple", there are Jin Qiaoqiao, Jin Sha, Ma Tianyu and other famous, even Zhou Jie such "known" level. These stars, self directed, playing fans boast themselves, in this way to enhance the popularity of blog, so as to publicize their own, hype their own purposes. Triggered the star "Sina blog gate" event. read more

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nventory 2015 Web trends how to deal with App threats

Web was originally conceived as a generic version of the application – the lowest standard application that can run anywhere, but such applications are limited in their functionality.

, while App offers an alternative way of executing code in the background, caching data for offline use, using push notifications, and launching other functions, these are things that websites can’t do.

Web but did not sit still, it is a dramatic change to deal with the threat of app. Roost CEO Casey Haakenson, who has 18 years of experience, believes that 2015 will be the most exciting 1 years in web for a long time, and he predicts that Web will have some of the following major trends in 2015: read more

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How to build QVOD free movie first net

, first of all, this topic may scare everyone, Qvod (NORA) first net? I wonder if you are familiar with qvod,


Qvod Player (fast broadcast) is a quasi video on demand (QVOD) kernel, versatile, personalized player software. Qvod Player integrates new playback engine, video on demand technology not only to support independent research and development; and is free of BT software, users need only a few minutes to buffer the direct viewing of the rich BT film and television program. Qvod Player has the characteristics of low resource occupation, simple operation, high efficiency and strong expansion ability, making it the most popular universal player in China at present. At present, most popular movie websites adopt QVOD resources, because QVOD’s resources have high clarity and are easy to watch. You can also watch and download, and the foreground of QVOD movies is very bright. Now more and more people use QVOD to watch movies, so we call these websites "QVOD" movie websites. read more

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nternet products under competition reflect how common they are

‘s recent big fight is really something. As the development basis of future Tencent, WeChat has given the task, and the adjustment and upgrade to 5, WeChat will be more functional in the blind spot of, which is more like a system to do this for the channel, WeChat is the key, is also very important. A problem in one direction can lead to a general strategic trend in development. Perhaps WeChat’s aggressive and good genes have seen threats and hopes from the industry, so some people are starting to compete and even subvert WeChat’s ideas. read more

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