How did the rookie grow up to be a station owner

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I usually work is not very busy, so we want to find a part-time job to do, because usually and computer contact, therefore, naturally think of the experience in the so-called Wangzhuan, money, money, mail, money is not earned, finally understand: Wangzhuan, not a easy.

in a chance, know that site can make money, so on the whole pondering also make a website, has gone through about half a year, and finally made, the following is my actual experience.

the first step: locate the site. Now the site of various types are innumerable, mature, intense competition. How can we find? After a period of investigation, found that the local classification information station no, and people’s houses, job and other information posted everywhere, and finally selected the classification information station.

second step: choose site program. Because I know nothing about the site, simply do not know there are programs such as site building software. Therefore, at first I bought two books made of web pages and began to study. After studying for nearly two months, I found that it was too slow. I began to search the Internet for a while. I found out that there was a website building procedure, and I was so happy. Want to use PHP, try the classification system of PHP168, the feeling is not very good (perhaps I would not use it), the final choice of ASP, there are many online, try a lot, found to use the database, but I had not, therefore, finally bought a genuine system of after-sales service. Well, don’t worry too much. However, even if the site is successful, these knowledge still have to learn, so as to create a website of their own personality.

third step: information collection. From the local bar, which collected some, but too little, and then take their own streets full of information collection, every day on the Internet to send some, so that the site will be built slowly.

just on the line soon, the website is, interested can go up to see, we can exchange, can add my QQ:56464282, we together to discuss, common progress. Website do well, the rest is to promote, and now in the promotion, specific how to promote, what kind of promotion effect is best, after a period of practice, the next time I will write the article for your reference. But this article just wants to give experience to novices who know nothing about me, that’s all.

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China: Ex-Soviet Aircraft Carrier Kiev Gets Five Star Makeover

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