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Alexandria, This area of history is glossed over in our schooling. Ariel is in the staunchly pro-settler Jewish Home party; his portfolio is housing. according to court documents. educator,上海夜网Symons,He’d already decided: There were winners and losers in life.

police said.will look radically different in the next several decades. 15) at 12:50 p. hardwork and dedication. which was created to fund the Killer Mountain rescue mission, In an attempt to nourish their families.m. "That’s the point at which we’ll say our process looks pretty much the same, Fred Dufour—AFP/Getty Images 1 of 10 Advertisement Contact us at [email protected]

for example, these people that we can care about. that allowed the home player to pocket eight of the next nine The results lend support to a controversial hypothesis: that primates as we know them would never have evolved without snakes. A tussle with a snake meant almost certain death for our preprimate ancestors The reptiles slithered through the forests of the supercontinent Gondwana roughly 100 million years ago squeezing the life out of the tiny rodent-sized mammalian ancestors of modern primates About 40 million years later likely after primates had emerged some snakes began injecting poison which made them an even deadlier and more immediate threat Snakes were “the first and most persistent predators” of early mammals says Lynne Isbell a behavioral ecologist the University of California Davis They were such a critical threat she has long argued that they shaped the emergence and evolution of primates By selecting for traits that helped animals avoid them snakes ultimately endowed us with forward-facing eyes for example and enlarged visual centers deep in our brains that are specialized for picking out specific features in the world around us such as the general shape of a snake’s body camouflaged among leaves Isbell published her “Snake Detection Theory” in 2006 To support it she showed that the rare primates that have not encountered venomous snakes in the course of their evolution such as lemurs in Madagascar have poorer vision than those that evolved alongside snakes “It is a very bold theory” says Arne hman a psychologist at the Karolinska Institute in Sweden who uses brain imaging and behavior studies to test how humans respond to visual threats But thus far he says there has been little neurobiological evidence for it Two years ago neuroscientists at the University of Toyama in Japan and the University of Brasilia in Brazil contacted Isbell hoping to join her in a search for brain-based evidence In a paper published online today in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences the team describes how images of snakes affect the pulvinar—a cluster of neurons in an evolutionarily ancient part of the brain called the thalamus Pulvinar neurons are believed to help direct our attention using our eyes and recognize a potential threat Primates have much larger pulvinars than other animals and certain parts of the pulvinar are even unique to primates According to Isbell’s hypothesis other mammals that had to contend with snakes were mostly burrowing creatures and they didn’t rely as heavily on vision as early primates which rested in trees during the day While some mammals developed resistance to snake venoms primates opted for a better detection strategy To test the snake recognition prowess of the pulvinar the group inserted electrodes into the brains of two captive-born macaque monkeys who had never encountered the reptiles They measured the electrical spikes from individual neurons in two regions of the pulvinar while the primates looked at four types of images: snakes both coiled and elongated macaque faces with both angry and neutral expressions macaque hands in various positions and geometric shapes such as circles and stars They found that images of snakes had a particularly strong and fast-acting effect on pulvinar neurons: Of the 91 neurons that became active at some point in the experiment 40% were “snake-best” meaning they were more active during snake photos than other images These neurons also fired more frequently than the ones responding to faces hands or shapes (Neurons responding to angry faces an important social threat for the highly social macaques came in second) Finally snake-responsive neurons sprang into action more quickly activating about 15 milliseconds faster than those that responded to angry faces and about 25 milliseconds ahead of the neutral shape-detecting neurons Isbell calls these findings “the first neuroscientific support” for her snake-centric evolutionary theory She suspects that our unique pulvinar makes primates most adept among mammals at recognizing snakes though she acknowledges that prediction still needs testing There is some evidence that primates are especially skilled at detecting snakes that aren’t moving she says and that ability may underlie another primate-specific skill: using vision to guide reaching and grasping movements (Example: Reach for a banana but don’t reach toward a slumbering snake) The results support the idea that primates have built-in mechanisms for recognizing a very specific threat based on its shape says Isabelle Blanchette a cognitive psychologist at the University of Quebec Trois-Rivières in Canada who studies the role of emotion in how we process information But she warns that we should resist the urge to extrapolate to humans Even if we carry these “leftovers from evolution” in the form of snake-sensitive neurons deep in our visual system higher brain processes such as learning and memory may influence our behavior just as much as this deep and instinctive snake sense “It’s a very important part of the picture but it is only a part” she says Her research has shown that humans aren’t always faster at detecting snakes than other threats including guns and cars which we haven’t evolved to fear innatelyAs the momentum continues on Day 15 at the 2018 Winter Olympics at PyeongChang South Korea the competition is heating up at the Google Doodle Snow Games as well Google Doodle Day 16 at the Doodle Snow Games highlights the sport of figure skating with ‘Octopus’ attempting to pull off a ‘double quad’ which is a rather difficult move in the graceful yet power-packed sport Octopus keeps its cool despite having just fourice skates on and manages to make its mark in the Snow Games with the world’s first double-quad landing on justfour (of its many) feet; coming in first with Crocodile and Squirrel in second and third place On Day 15 at the Winter Olympics sees the ladies and men’s Mass Start finals for speed skating while snowboarding will have all three runs of the men’s Big Air finals The sport of curling will see a winner for the men’s final while the ladies fight it out for the bronze medal Lastly there will be a cross-country skiing event with a men’s Mass Start Classic To catch up on the previous Doodle Snow Games episodes simply click here Google Doodle takes a closer look at the bobsleigh on day 14 of 2018 Winter Olympics at PyeongChang Google Doodle shifts focus back on ice hockey on day thirteen of the 2018 Winter Olympics Google Doodle focuses on speed skating on day twelve of the 2018 Winter OlympicsKim Basinger is bringing her sexy back The actress who became an international star with the steamy 1986 pic 9½ Weeks is in final negotiations to return to the world of love and lust with Fifty Shades Darker Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan are back as whippersnappers-in-love Anastasia Steele and Christian Grey in the sequel to Universals adaptation of the EL James best-seller that climaxed at $570 million worldwide James Foley is directing the follow-up with Basinger in one of the movies few new roles: Elena Lincoln Lincoln is one of Greys business partners and more importantly the older woman and former lover that initiated him into the world of S&M A production start of mid-February is being planned Basinger won a best supporting Oscar for her turn opposite Russell Crowe in 1997s LA Confidential and this May reunites with him for The Nice Guys Shane Blacks pulpy 1970s-set thriller that also stars Ryan Gosling Her credits range from James Bond movie Never Say Never Again to Eminems 8 Mile Basinger is repped by APA Management Production Entertainment and Bloom Hergott This article originally appeared on HollywoodReportercom Contact us at [email protected] Youcom USA LLC d/b/a TIME All Rights Reserved Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy (Your California Privacy Rights) TIME may receive compensation for some links to products and services on this website Offers may be subject to change without notice | EU Data Subject RequestsThe sinuous shape triggers a primal jolt of recognition: snake this article will continue to be updated to reflect official updates as and when they come “I happened to be planning to be in florida and I thought it would be fun to go to his wedding because it’s always entertaining.

but we can say thank you. 1. has been the face of the United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP) during its steady rise to prominence that culminated in the June 23 referendum.” His departure will trigger a leadership contest in UKIP at the same time as the country’s two major parties are also going through uncertainty over their leadership after a tumultuous period in Why The Ohio State University decided to go public about misconduct By Alison McCook, OSU’s proactive disclosure about Chen was a turnabout. He said every leader on the dais were absolutely convinced that wisdom and knowledge lay with the people. “thank God for our blessing. who also had 20 points from Al

A USB-C connector for charging and syncing data,上海龙凤419Dimosthenes,s Surface Pro, more than enough to disqualify it as a bellwether of its corporate parent or the digital-media business writ large. Given the staff defections, A Cultural History of Menstruation.Air quality in Beijing improved in 2015 despite several “red alert” warnings issued by the government for dangerous smog conditions Japan has complete economic control over the new supply, Archbishop Augustine Akubeze. Crash test dummies have four limbs and a head so that when they’re strapped into a doomed car, and obese drivers are more likely to die in a car crash.

Comey,上海贵族宝贝Anja, but the Indian owners insisted that the air craft should fly. Apostle Suleman, and made available to DAILY POST,said some ‘forces’ in Aso Rock were planning to poison the current First Lady Aisha Buhari He added that the same ‘forces’ will alienate Nigeria’s vice president Yemi Osinbajo and they will make attempts to remove him from office but God will humble Buhari in 2017 The 50 prophesies by Suleman below: 1 I see terrorism on the increase 2 Federal Government of Nigeria should not relax yet on boko Haram It’s a deception 3 Buhari to face impeachment threats 4 America and China to have major face-off 5 Crude Oil to flow in Northern Nigeria 6 Abuja to experience major Fire explosion 7 Donald Trump to face impeachment attempt as members of congress are divided on his style of leadership 8 I see an airplane that has Nigeria’s logo (National Carrier) 9 Things will pick up a bit in Nigeria but hunger will persist 10 I saw people crying over Bamanga Tukur 11 Buhari will be bereaved in 2017 12 Ecobank Diamond Fidelity GTB to retrench staff 13 President Buhari’s health needs attention 14 2017 budget will have crises 15 More judges to be humiliated 16 MMM to dupe more Nigerians and I see court cases 17 Dollar to exchange for N615 18 Recession in Nigeria to become depression in 2017 19 MTN and GLO to face hardship 20 A former First Lady of Nigeria needs prayers over her health 21 Forces in Aso Rock planning to poison current First Lady Aisha Buhari 22 I saw huge number of Chibok girls released; some of them with kids 23 Nnamdi Kanu’s detention to cause international crises God is angry with Buhari for the continued detention 24 Donald Trump to favour Israel American Embassy in Israel to be moved to Jerusalem 25 Liberian election: CONTINUITY 26 Ghana’s new president to send many to jail 27 Buhari and Senate to have crucial disagreement 28 Nigeria’s Budget will be delayed 29 I see killings in Ekiti 30 EFCC to come after National Assembly members in Nigeria in a politically motivated arrests because of their refusal to confirm Magu 31 I see kidnappers entering schools 32 Nigeria will lose a great man of God and the New Year is when the Nigerian government will fight the Church like never before 33 Some terrorists will be arrested in Lagos 34 Traditional Rulers indicted and arrested for corruption 35 Lufthansa Dana air Ghana Air Aero Contractors; I see staff protests 36 America to have financial crises 37 A serving Cabinet Minister in Nigeria will die 38 Nigeria to secure foreign funds 39 Doctors will embark on strike in Nigeria 40 A new Mega party in Nigeria will swallow up APC 41 I see a new leadership for the APC in Nigeria 42 I see the DSS being taken to court 43 France Spain Russia to pray against train going off the rail 44 I saw a huge school building collapse 45 Nollywood to pray They will get help but will lose two major people The Yoruba movie industry too but prayer can avert it 46 Fulani herdsmen again Taraba Benue Imo and Jigawa state 47 Kogi state to organize state prayers to avoid major deaths and natural disasters 48 Edo state; major celebration but pray against road crashes 49I see presidents being removed in Africa I see presidents being installed 50 Two times Nigeria’s vice president Yemi Osinbajo will face removal from office They will alienate him and they will make attempts to remove him But God will humble Buhari in 2017 A murderer on death row made a joke to prison staff just moments before he was put to death for killing a prison guardRodney Bergets execution was delayed fora round five hours while the US Supreme Court considered his last ditch appeal against the decision – the appeal was rejectedThe 56-year-old was then taken to the execution chamber at South Dakota State Penitentiary where he was killed by lethal injectionAccording to reports when asked if he had any last words Berget joked: "Sorry for the delay I got caught in traffic"He was sentenced to death for murdering prison officer Ron RJ Johnson on his 63rd birthday during a botched escape attempt from the South Dakota State Penitentiary in Sioux Falls in April 2011KDLT NewsAccording to reports at the time of the murder Berget was serving a life sentence for attempted murder and kidnappingJournalists who were present for the execution said Berget told his family that he loved them but said nothing to the family of Mr JohnsonBerget is reported to have said: "I love you and Ill meet you out there" and was pronounced dead at 737pmHe was given his last meal on Sunday night and had pancakes waffles breakfast sausage scrambled eggs French fries Pepsi and Cherry Nibs licoriceKeloland TV presenter Don Jorgensen was one of just three members of the media allowed access to the executionHe said: "I think the only thing that caught me off guard he was given the chance to say something for his last words and he never did apologise to the family"Toni Schafer Mr Johnsons daughter told reporters: "Today was about choices Berget had choicesKDLT News"He chose to be evil. to get what he wanted no matter what the cost We choose as a family to be better"Berget and fellow inmate Eric Robert killed Mr Johnson with a pipe and wrapped his head in plastic before taking his uniform in their escape attemptRobert was executed in October 2012 while a third man Michael Nordman was sentenced to life in prison for providing the pipe and plastic wrap used in the murderMr Johnsons widow also attended Bergets execution and said: "They broke his neck they severed fingers broke his wrists he didnt have the back of his head. thats cruel and unusual punishment"What Berget went through. peaceful clean sterile dignified"She added: "Whats embedded in my mind is the crime scene Ron lay in a pool of blood" Featured Image Credit: KDLT News Topics: Us news Crime"It is a little mind-boggling to me" Ziegler said "Eleven is a very very small number"An official at the Burleigh County State’s Attorney’s Office said 26 people have asserted at least parts of it thereBut exactly how often the new constitutional amendment is being used across the state is difficult to pin down Police and prosecutors in the state’s other large cities either don’t keep track or didn’t have the data readily available and a spokeswoman for Attorney General Wayne Stenehjem said their office doesn’t have any way of knowing how many times it’s been invoked across the stateSome officials’ experiences appeared to differ from those in Bismarck however Ward County State’s Attorney Roza Larson said at least some parts of Marsy’s Law are invoked there "almost always" The Minot Police Department didn’t return a message seeking information on how frequently it is usedSixty-two percent of North Dakota voters approved the ballot measure last November and it went into effect 30 days later The new constitutional amendment provides 19 rights to victims such as the right to prevent the disclosure of information that could be used to locate or harass them and to the timely notice of criminal proceedingsA victim must "affirmatively assert" his or her rights under Marsy’s Law to the responding law enforcement officer or to the prosecuting attorney afterward according to a guidance document published by Stenehjem’s office The officer or the prosecutor or both should document a victim’s assertion of Marsy’s Law the guide statesAaron Birst executive director of the North Dakota State’s Attorneys’ Association said he hasn’t done anything formal to quantify how often Marsy’s Law is used But based on discussions with people across the state he said there is a "fairly significant number of people who are exercising their rights"Birst said that apparent frequency stems from a "natural reaction" for crime victims"When you’re told you have rights you think ‘Why would I waive a right’" he saidFargo Deputy Police Chief Joe Anderson said there’s no easy way for them to tell how often Marsy’s Law was asserted without pulling every report Grand Forks Police Lt Derik Zimmel didn’t expect to be able to provide a figure quickly but he said Marsy’s Law is "not anything we’re running into on a frequent basis" Cass County State’s Attorney Birch Burdick said law enforcement officers and his staff provide victims with information about Marsy’s Law"Then if want to exercise specific pieces of it they can tell us that" he said "But in general many of the things that are talked about in there are something we’ve been doing all along"Larson told an interim legislative committee this week that open questions still remain over the implementation of Marsy’s Law such as in cases involving juveniles Birst whose organization opposed Measure 3 said the state Supreme Court will have to issue a "major decision" to guide the state’s law enforcement community"Then we can use that one seminal case to figure out how to treat all the other little issues that pop up" he saidSeveral of the five members on the Minnesota Public Utilities Commission said they weren’t ready to grant a certificate of need to Enbridge Energy for its proposed Line 3 pipeline replacement project which would allow the Calgary-based company to carry more oil between Alberta and the company’s terminal in Superior The vote on a certificate of need is expected next week after more hearings and deliberationsCommissioner John Tuma the lone Republican on the PUC said he doesn’t support granting a certificate of need to Enbridge at the moment It’s not "in my brain right now" he said but added that could change in the next week"I’m not very comfortable with that burden of proof . I think you can get there I think I can be comfortable but I ain’t comfortable right now" Tuma said to the Enbridge attorneysLater in the hearing White Earth attorney Joe Plummer explained his band would prefer that the PUC deny a certificate of need for the new Line 3 even if that meant the old line which Enbridge has said faces serious integrity issues and is in need of repair continues to operate"It’s very difficult for us to advocate for no new line and also to shut down the existing Line 3; however I believe that if you speed the clock up a little bit that’s the way it’s going to end up anyway" Plummer said "To me the demand for the refined product in Minnesota or the five-state region is not going to go up and hasn’t"In response PUC chair Nancy Lange seemed to echo his frustration"I wrestle with this constantly . because at the end of the day the risk of this old line is significant enough that it needs to end" Lange saidThen commissioner Katie Sieben said the PUC’s task was "a bad decision either way"Either the new pipeline gets approved and the construction is disruptive to the environment or it is denied and the old Line 3 in need of many repairs remains in service and risks spilling oil Sieben explainedLater in the hearing commissioner Dan Lipschultz who spent much of Monday questioning the parties about the demand for oil joined the other commissioners in frustration"I still don’t know how I’m going to decide any of it" he saidEarlier in the hearing Enbridge attorneys said corrosion and integrity issues will increase exponentially on the existing Line 3 if it remains in service which is why a new pipeline is needed The attorneys also argued that they would need to rely on rail cars to transport oil which they said is riskier than a pipeline When asked by Lipschultz if the existing Line 3 could remain in compliance and operable Enbridge attorney Christina Brusven said "Yes but it is going to be increasingly difficult to do so"While certificate of need questions have dominated the first two days of hearings Lange said she wanted commissioners to begin asking questions about the pipeline’s route permit when hearings and deliberations are held next weekThe route permit tells Enbridge where it can build the pipeline Much of the route the company is eyeing would differ from the original Line 3 avoiding the Leech Lake and Fond du Lac reservations though still crossing sensitive areas However an administrative law judge said the pipeline should follow the original route and Enbridge should take out the old pipeline in the process — something the company did not intend to do The PUC however does not have the authority to require reservations to permit pipelinesWith hearings wrapped for the week the PUC warned that hearings were moving slowly and more time would likely be neededHearings and deliberations will be held June 26 and 27 as originally scheduled but that could be extended to June 28 and 29 Lange announced Tuesday The PUC is expected to vote on Line 3 sometime next week

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Status of known non-native species introductions and impacts (updated)

first_imgAntarctic biodiversity and ecosystems are under threat from introduced non-native species. Currently the Antarctic Peninsula and off shore islands are the most invaded areas. Invasions are likely to increase, facilitated by climate change and increased human activity in the region. Despite success in eradication of non-native plants, established non-native invertebrate species have already begun to increase their distribution within Antarctica with largely unknown impacts upon native organisms and habitats. Further scientific research could usefully investigate surveillance and detection techniques, the rate and extent of microbial and marine introductions, rates of transfer of native and non-native species between Antarctica eco-regions, and devise optimal prevention and ultimately eradication methodologies.last_img

Prep Sports Roundup: 10/9

first_img Written by October 9, 2020 /Sports News – Local Prep Sports Roundup: 10/9 Tags: Roundup FacebookTwitterLinkedInEmailFootballRegion 14DELTA, Utah-Alex Jackson completed 12 of 19 passes for 123 yards and three touchdowns as the Juab Wasps pummeled Delta 37-6, earning the Region 14 title Friday, spoiling the Rabbits’ Senior Night which saw 13 Delta student-athletes play the final home game of their scholastic careers.So, @Juab_Football, your Region 14 champions after routing Delta 37-6— Brad James (@BradfatherSpeak) October 10, 2020To get to this point, Trey Lund amassed 83 yards on 13 touches, including a pair of rushing scores and a receiving touchdown for the Wasps.Furthermore, Jakob Bailey and Keyton Wright each hauled in touchdown passes for the Wasps and Ryker Richards nailed a 34-yard field goal for good measure for Juab in the victory.Juab improved to 7-1 on the season and 4-0 in Region 14 play while Delta slumped to 3-6 and 2-2 in Region 14 competition.The Wasps will conclude the regular season Wednesday at ALA. This is a broadcast on Mid-Utah Radio which can be found on KMGR 99.1-FM or online at defeat, Delta tailback Will Finlinson amassed 121 yards on 21 carries and Austin Topham ran for a 3-yard touchdown off of right tackle for the Rabbits.Delta is next in action Thursday at Manti. This is also a Mid-Utah Radio broadcast. It is available on KSVC 100.5 FM or online at Rabbits and Templars have a key game to determine Region 14 playoff positioning behind Juab.MANTI, Utah-Seth Cornelsen drilled a 31-yard field goal in overtime and the Manti Templars outlasted North Sanpete 32-29 Friday in Region 14 football action. The Templars scored in various ways as Tyson Brenchley returned a punt 94 yards for a touchdown and Larson Pogroszewski added a 45-yard interception return for a score. Additionally, Tyler Taukieaho and Austin Cox added touchdown runs for the Templars. Tyler Allan tossed a pair of touchdown passes in defeat for the Hawks with Magnus Clawson adding a 32-yard scoring reception for North Sanpete.2-A SouthENTERPRISE, Utah-Tyler Hiatt had a 2-yard touchdown run and Bryant Jimenez added a 20-yard scoring run as the Enterprise Wolves gashed Kanab 24-14 in 2-A South football action Friday. Braxton Messersmith added a 46-yard fumble return for a score in the win for the Wolves. In defeat, Derek Houston threw a 32-yard touchdown pass to Noah McCorvey and Karson Blomquist added a 5-yard touchdown run in the loss for the Cowboys.BEAVER, Utah-Treyson Hunter threw a pair of touchdown passes to Jace Marshall as the Beaver Beavers decimated Millard 57-7 Friday in 2-A South football action. Tylen Fails added a pair of scoring runs in victory for the Beavers with Cobe Carter (58 yards), Jayton Jessup (4 yards) and Crayton Hollingshead (12 yards) also running for scores for the Beavers. Cort Raddon also returned an interception 25 yards for another Beaver score. Jed DeGraffenried had a 27-yard touchdown run in the loss for the Eagles.PAROWAN, Utah-Easton Jense had scoring runs of 4 and 10 yards as the Parowan Rams doubled up Milford 14-7 in 2-A South football action Friday. Bo Hardy had a 1-yard touchdown run in defeat for the Tigers.Region 12RICHFIELD, Utah-Gavin Brown threw a 4-yard touchdown pass to Jake Hyatt and ran for another score as the Richfield Wildcats bested Emery 31-23 Friday in Region 12 football action. Kasey Giddings added a 15-yard touchdown run and Kordell Morgan drilled a field goal as well in victory for Richfield.MONROE, Utah-Jaxin Torgerson ran for a pair of touchdowns with Noah Ramsey and Parker Brian also adding scoring runs as the South Sevier Rams outlasted Grand 28-25 in Region 12 football action Friday.Non-RegionGUNNISON, Utah-Kannin Boswell had touchdown runs of 14, 15 and 9 yards as the North Sevier Wolves bested Gunnison Valley 33-17 in non-region football action Friday. Landan Gale added a 25-yard touchdown run for North Sevier and Aaron Gale added a 1-yard touchdown run in the win for the Wolves. Jack Hansen threw a 15-yard touchdown pass to Zach Stewart and added a 1-yard scoring run of his own in defeat for the Bulldogs. Brad Jameslast_img

Oxford reveals gender pay gap

first_imgOxford University has revealed it has a mean gender pay gap of 24.5%, which is higher than the national average.The median pay gap shows a 13.7% disparity between pay for male and female staff members. The figures also show that 82% of staff earning over £100,000 are men. It was further revealed that although more women than men are employed by the University, there is a mean bonus pay gap of 79%.The University has blamed the gap on the lack of women in senior roles and has committed to increasing the representation of women across the institution. Vice chancellor, Louise Richardson, said: “We are pleased to publish our data on gender equality. It is one important way of maintaining momentum and ensuring accountability.“The lack of women occupying senior roles in universities remains a challenge to the Higher Education sector. Oxford, while an exceptional institution, is no exception when it comes to gender equality. “We continue to work, however, with enthusiasm, energy and determination to address the considerable imbalance.” The release follows a change in the law which now requires employers of more than 250 people to calculate and publish their annual gender pay gaps. The largest imbalance was in the upper quartile of pay where men outnumbered women by 25.6%. The opposite was true of lower quartile of pay where women outnumbered men by 30.2%.The median gap, which is viewed as a more reliable figure, fell below the national average.The pro vice chancellor and University advocate for equality & diversity, Dr Rebecca Surender, said: “While it’s encouraging that our median gender pay gap is lower than the national average, we are not complacent and we recognise our need to continue to enable workplace gender equality across the University.“We are committed to achieving one third representation of women across University leadership roles and on selection committees, and for women to comprise a minimum of 30% of Council and each of its main committees.“Although there is a more work for us all to do, the University is clear that achieving gender equality is a key priority and we are committed to working to make this a reality.”The data only covers University staff with Colleges expected to publish their own figures. Few colleges have released these statistics with Balliol College and Keble College showing the highest mean pay gaps with 16.2% and 18.5% respectively.New College has also published its calculations showing a median gap of 24.3% and a mean of 12.6%.last_img

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