We Are Almost Out of Options for Climate Change

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first_img Alright, seriously, we can stop now. I know none of us want to, none of us think we can, but we absolutely have got to stop cranking out so many greenhouse gasses. Yes, it’s critical. Silly, ill-conceived op-eds aside, we also know that this is going to be really, really bad. It’s not just the polar bears; it’s everything. But we’ve been so slow to act that unless we totally changed course yesterday, we are headed for absolute disaster. Then again… maybe not. If all else fails, we could always terraform Earth. Scientists have been kicking around the idea for a while, but it was often pushed aside as being far too risky (and yeah, you bet your fucking ass it is). Now, as we continue our beeline towards doom, researchers are starting to reconsider that. To be clear, no one is planning on doing anything just yet. But there is pressure to at least research geoengineering. Last month, no less than Harvard started a program to bring experts together and explore plans that could stop climate change. While there are lots of ways we could theoretically do this, like by doping the oceans to trigger algal blooms, most methods are… again… really freaking risky. It’s important to stress that. Global warming could be bad, but we don’t really know what could happen if we totally break Earth because of an accident. And the fact that scientists are even considering this plan should sear into our collective consciousness how dire our situation is. That miniature diatribe aside, the Solar Geoengineering Research program centers on plans to disperse or block solar rays by chemically altering the composition of the stratosphere. Think controlled nuclear winter. And yeah… that is pants-shittingly terrifying, but climate change could very well be worse (I cannot hammer this point home enough).Frank Keustch, an atmospheric scientist at Harvard, told Gizmodo, “The research we want to do is better quantify the risks of static engineering… We want to choose knowledge over ignorance.”And he’s got a good point. We should really know what all our options are for unfucking this situation. I mean… it’s wrecked, but we need to know exactly how wrecked. It’d also help to know whether the plan would even work at all. Hypothetically, yeah, we could probably dump a bunch of crap into our atmosphere and block some sunlight, but we might find that it’s impossible to make however much of whatever chemical we’d need.This think-tank has big-backing, too. Mega-financiers like Bill Gates have funneled cash into the project. Harvard will be doing super small scale field tests soon, testing whether the principle at least works in the real world. Then we can start looking at what the risks are and what we’d have to do to pull this off and if it’s worth it. Already we know there will be at least a few hurdles. Sulfate particles, like the ones the program will be studying, are known to destroy ozone. In trying to stop one form of radiation, we could fry ourselves with another.“The idea of trying to do something like that is really, quite terrifying,” Keustch said.There have been other proposals, mass-scale carbon sequestration, for example. Not to mention, illegal experiments with algal blooms. The latter hoped to lock carbon dioxide on the sea floor — essentially putting the fossil fuels back into the ground. But the fact that we are even talking about this means we need to get on this ball. No, the planet isn’t screwed if sea levels rise — WE ARE SCREWED. More than a billion people will be displaced, many of us will be hit with far more severe storms and natural disasters. Food will become more expensive. This is so fucking certain that even the US Military has done strategic analyses on the threats to national security (a global state of constant war) that climate change will bring. Lucasfilm/DisneyThere are critical moral issues on all sides, but the science is set. The planet is warming. We have to intervene now. There is no other sane option. You must exercise every form of political power you wield to help leverage major action. And there’s absolutely no reason not to. Some may say it will destroy business or innovation, but bankers and financial analysts have repeatedly said that the global economy stands to hemorrhage tens of trillions of dollars every year if we do not act.There is absolutely no stance that permits inaction. We, as a species, must get this shit under control or billions of us will likely die. “In isolation, solar geoengineering is terrifying,” Gernot Wagner, executive director of the project, said. “You might even describe it as nuts. The question is, nuts compared to what? Or terrifying compared to what? The world we’re heading toward, with more or less unmitigated climate change, is that itself terrifying? This is where context matters.” Stay on target Incredible Images From Space Capture the Death of a GlacierEating Less Meat Can Fight Climate Change, According to UN Report last_img

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