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Hello, this is my first time to write, write well but we also hope that. Do not know if you have not met the noble baby has not included your site, don’t know everyone is how to solve the baby has not been included on the aristocratic website article, I talk about my personal experience and solutions. read more

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How to update the content of user experience is the key respect

website of Shanghai dragon? In fact to this problem is very simple, Shanghai Longfeng optimization objective is through the search engine how to let the user know your site and visit your site, how to let users on your site and precipitation long on your site have a certain dependence of. Promotion is very important, to draw people to retain people is more important, this is the content of the website’s most important role, provide valuable content to allow the user to reside.


of course, although we like the same vernacular update website content, also can not talk nonsense. We need to focus on the target user, we should first make it clear that the content of the web site is to see who, what topics will arouse their interest, which involves the update of what content. All related to the user, the user is interested in the content, we can serve as a point of interest to the user, these problems can communicate through love, know Shanghai and old customers, the people around, not beat their heads to come out, only in constant communication in order to produce the spark of wisdom, the content of the article when it comes to the user’s heart. read more

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