Build our own campus and walk out of College

in fact, the school is not suitable for our college students, we actually do not have time to waste in this, and there is no practical significance in the SNS circle. Here we can not see bole, we can not find their way out.

graduates, everyone will leave school. School is just a phase of life. We are finally going out of school and out of school forever. Because the university outside the world is our final world, in the University, you may one day meet your life’s noble, perhaps you will become other people’s noble. The school is very beautiful, very comfortable, let us lose the direction, lost ourselves, can not find its place. Every one of us will graduate, we must go to work, to love, to struggle. But everything is not so easy. Do we accept reality like this? Do we just leave ourselves to others? We are the innovator of the world, and we are the architects of the future world. We are the masters of this world, we have our own values after 80, and we don’t like to hear from you. Because we have better solutions. We have what we struggle for. We can pay for everything we like. read more

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2011 is approaching are you ready for the station

review in the coming new year, we took many look forward to greet the new year, you must also silently make a wish and hope the new year your website can be better, since the new year we also should have a whole new outlook and state to meet a new challenge, so we should adjust their mentality and their development plans.

, willing to develop, industrious and enterprising

no matter what you do as long as you are willing to forge ahead, and a diligent perseverance that you will succeed, good recoge saying, website operation is not a one thing, only diligent can get good grades. read more

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Emergency measures after the website drops the right

recently, Baidu is for many of us webmaster opened a big joke, some websites contain data more, but less and less traffic, and this may be Baidu’s clean-up action. My website is no exception, included more than 7700 sudden increase, but because of a keyword flow suddenly increased, Baidu ruthless to my website down right, in fear of more than a little lucky, not by Baidu K drop.

remember a friend made a movie station, he just opened a no www domain name, of course, feel a bit awkward, how to enable only a WWW at the beginning, it is more convenient for user input, of course, I think this may be a reason of them. He was also due to site traffic suddenly soared, Baidu began to pay attention to it, one day when he found a big update, breakthrough website site is recorded as 0, he immediately opened at the beginning of the WWW domain name, I don’t understand him at that time, just thought he started to do a new station (was wondering, is the domain name K also do new… With it), later discovered that the original www at the beginning of the content and the content of the website to do before, and keep the original (pseudo original), did not expect the end of the month when Baidu big update, his website appeared again in the Baidu database. read more

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How to make people like your website

do website, a lot of people will, especially CMS so developed today. KingCMS, 5ucms, phpcms, dedecms, Kosun, Empire and so on. Online excellent open source site system abound. Most people are downloaded from the Internet, change the site name, a column, write the acquisition rules, such a station is completed. Some people are familiar with CMS, a day can do more than a dozen or even dozens of large "portal"". But, how many of these stations are really for the sake of users, how much is to create value for the Internet, and how many users really like the site?. read more

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Baidu is boring and ‘m bored

Baidu is really boring, last Friday, included more than 9800 pages, usually only more than 1800, I fainted, check statistics, traffic is not good, or only a few hundred.


sorry, no pages related to "" have been found.

Baidu recommends you:

to see if the input text is out of order,

removes unnecessary words such as "

" and "what" and so on

reading help

this is not the first time empty, I have got used to, ignore him. Check traffic, or just a few hundred?. read more

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Lily network marriage trying to bet on the ecological chain but also obscure 1 billion 500 million

recently, the love and marriage website market can be described as "ice and snow" days, first in May 18th, the network letter office closed 128 serious violation of love and marriage website, causing a "bad marriage website" sound. And two days later, Lily net announced financing 1 billion 500 million, abandon overseas listing journey will return to A shares embrace. At the same time, Lily network also announced a high-profile online part of its free strategy, trying to implement a diversified profit model to build a marriage ecosystem, trying to overtake corners. read more

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How to write pseudo original Personal opinion

everyone is a master, and other aspects I do not quite understand, but I feel I write in pseudo original, there are still some experience, and today to bring out to share with you.

first of all I want to say is, a lot of SEOer in that content is king, resulting in a lot of novice in constantly expanded the content of the busy life, but I through their own practice, filling content does not stop is invalid, unless you can do a very high quality of the original, and the original was the major websites so, your content is king is meaningful, and if you stand only included a home page, you should do some chain and reasonable structure, and even to do SITEMAP, rather than blindly filling content, so filling without any effect on you, this is a lot to see some novice commercial terms, in the first name of the station, there is no article or what is substance, causes in the rankings are ranked first. read more

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ndependent online shopping mall development how to choose companies

The development of the Internet

is really amazing, more and more people now in the online shopping, you can buy the one you love things do not go out, really cool, there are more and more enterprises or individuals to develop independent online store, but because of the enterprise or individual to this mall is not particularly understand, so in the development process, this kind of problem is always encountered, so choose a professional independent online mall development company is very important. Today, Nana praised the development of independent online shopping mall, how to select the company, issued its own views. read more

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